Willow and Stone Ironmongers

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Maybe it’s my years living in London, or maybe it’s my love of heavy metal music, but I simply can’t resist a beautifully ornate brass door knocker, a finely cast doorbell, or restored ironworks. Ok, I am just kidding. I am not into heavy metal music. Bet you guessed that. But there is a very chic style you can see throughout London of renovated townhouses painted a rich, deep grey, outfitted with wonderful antique inspired (or reclaimed) ironmongery, and I just love it! Which is why I was so happy to come across Willow and Stone – a wonderful little storefront and online shop … Continue reading >>

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I am not usually one to consider myself a fan of DIY. Furthermore, in terms of acronyms, I like FYI, but DIY is really not one of my favorites. That said, to use another acronym to tell this story only seems suitable. OMG. Yes, OMG seems to be the only appropriate response to the news that Gucci now offers DIY customization on a selection of their most iconic pieces! Since last summer, Gucci has created a DIY customization in their Milan flagship where you can go to choose from a number of patches, monogramming or bedazzling for their Dionysus Bag, … Continue reading >>

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Awestruck at the Alhambra.

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There is something so magical about visiting the Alhambra castle in Spain – it’s almost like taking a stroll back through history. It was a dream of mine to visit here and as luck would have it, I made it happen in 2015! That’s one item off my bucket list. This journey with my family was all I hoped it would be. In fact, the famed castle exceeded my expectations for many reasons but largely because of the blend of so many different, beautiful architectural details from across the centuries. This historic castle in the city of Grenada dates back to the 9th century BCE, getting it’s … Continue reading >>

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At de Gournay with Bennett Leifer

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Bennett Leifer has the kind of personality that just makes you want to sit down on a couch and talk for hours. And if that couch just happens to be in the beautiful de Gournay showroom – even better! After mining Bennett’s top picks for our Interior Dialogue series, I realized that there was so much more to talk about with this visionary interior designer. Which is why we decided to go for round two, where we met up to talk shop, inspiration, process, and most importantly when it comes to designing interiors for people to feel at home in; what … Continue reading >>

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Stony Island Arts Bank

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Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic for my hometown, but I have another Chicago gem for you all this week. This one is a real stunner and I can’t wait for you to read all about it! In 2012, artist and community organizer, Thester Gates, bought a run-down, totally derelict community savings and loans bank from the city of Chicago for just $1.00, and proceeded to turn it into a community center. $1.00! You read that right. This visionary then turned it into a cultural designation, the likes of which we haven’t ever seen. Named the Stony Island Arts Bank (after it’s predecessor), … Continue reading >>

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Amazing Aptware from France

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Isn’t this just the most gorgeous bunch of swirly loveliness? Sometime ago I came across a beautiful marbled vase that looked as if it had been crafted from perfectly swirled bits of colorful clay. I feel deeply in love. How could I not? Had to know more about it immediately, so after some extensive digging, I found that the technique belongs to the famed artisans of a small town in Provence called Apt, where for generations ateliers have been crafting these amazing ceramics. Named for the region it originated in back in the mid-18th century, the process is a type of faience, similar … Continue reading >>

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