Luz Camino’s one-of-a-kind jewels

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Earlier this week we took a journey to a ceramics studio in Portugal. Today, let’s take quick trip over to Spain. Why not? There we will find a one-of-a-kind jeweler that many others will not ever cross paths with. Have I piqued your interest yet? Part of the allure of Luz Camino’s remarkable handmade bejeweled pieces, is that you won’t find them in any old department store. In fact, despite being in the collections of the Museum of Art and Design and the Victoria & Albert, Camino is surprisingly modest about her work, making most of her sales by word of mouth. … Continue reading >>

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Mateus Ceramics

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I just love the simple elegance of Mateus ceramics, a collection that combines the rich tradition of Portuguese craft, with the twist of a contemporary Swedish aesthetic. Founded in 1993 by Teresa Lundahl, the ceramics are all handmade in Portugal, meaning no two pieces are the same. The idea for this line came from Teresa’s own multi-cultural background. Having grown up in Portugal, then going into business and fashion, which brought her to many different locations, Teresa ended up settling down with her husband in Sweden. It was here that Teresa realized she could combine not only her knowledge and experience … Continue reading >>

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The Floral Creations of Azuma Makoto

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Ok, get ready for something that will blow your mind. What you see here is a fascinating project by artist-florist-set designer Azuma Makoto, who fuses art and science to create his beautiful works. Ready? This is an arrangement of exotic flowers in space! That’s right, SPACE. In his series “Exbiotanica” Makoto partnered with JP Aerospace to send plants and floral designs into the stratosphere with a ballon launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Suspended in carbon fiber cases, these terrestrial beings get to experience what it’s like to step off of earth’s surface and into space. How. Cool. Is. That? This project just … Continue reading >>

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The Greydon House: New Take on Old Style

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Roman & Williams have done it again! This time, my favorite design duo takes on Nantucket, which has gone from one of the oldest colonial settlements, to whaling capital, to one of the most sought after vacation destinations on the East Coast. But this tiny island off the coast of Massachusetts has also remained one of the most well preserved towns in terms of its architecture. This is why it came somewhat as a shock that a new 20 room guest house called Greydon House was opening in downtown historic Nantucket. In fact, the three-story addition that was built alongside the 1850’s … Continue reading >>

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The Amazing Papers of Antoinette Poisson

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The trio of paper experts who came together to create Antoinette Poisson in Paris had a vision; to preserve the almost lost art of “domino” wallpaper, which at the height of its production in the 18th century could be seen throughout the the palaces of Louis XIV’s court in France, but nearly died out completely after the French Revolution. Named for one of Louis XIV’s mistresses, who was known to have used the domino wallpaper throughout her quarters in the royal court, Antoinette Poisson was formed in order to bring this luxurious art form back to the contemporary interior. And … Continue reading >>

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Visiting The Albertine in NYC

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If you haven’t yet made a visit to the The Albertine Bookstore in NYC, you are in for a treat. This beautifully designed book shop opened in 2014 as an initiative on the part of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, and is devoted to the exchange of French and English ideas. Nestled in the first floor of the iconic Whitney Payne Mansion on 5th Avenue, this cozy little shop is like stepping out of the hustle and bustle of New York, and into a Parisian cafe, calling you to pick up a book and stay a while. Sticking … Continue reading >>

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