Magical Mont St. Michel

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Since it’s a Thursday, and I am feeling a bit nostalgic with all the #tbt on Instagram today, I thought I might share a little trip down memory lane with you. I’m taking you to France to revisit a birthday that I spent there. And if the location for this birthday is a beautiful centuries-old church on the tippy-top of a mountain off the coast of Normandy, now that is truly magical! And Mont St. Michel is nothing short of magic. The seemingly floating island has been a pilgrimage site for devout Christians since the 8th century. And now it is an absolutely … Continue reading >>

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Elie Saab Opens a Dreamy Store on Madison Ave

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I just have to take a moment to shout from the rooftops about the amazing work of Eli Saab, given that the Beirut-based designer has recently opened a two-story flagship right here in NYC on Madison Avenue. In the same vein of my love affair with Valentino, I’ve become obsessed with the incredibly fine detail and craft that Saab brings to life through his fantastical creations. Born in Beirut, Elie Saab began making clothing at the tender age of just nine years old, mostly for his sisters, continuing through his teens to make and sell his garments to young women in … Continue reading >>

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Ernest Wright & Son Scissor Makers

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As is the case with most tools, the better they are, the less we need to think about them. Ernest Wright & Son Scissor makers understand this, which is why they strive to craft their handmade scissors to be so good. They just work! Whether they are crafting a scissor for dressmaking, sewing, cooking, or even just household odds and ends, each piece of these stainless steel shears are handcrafted to ensure the highest of quality. There is no way to mass produce this finely tuned craft, in fact all of their “professional putter-togethers” or assemblers learn the trade through … Continue reading >>

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Puttering around the Petersham Nurseries

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Even though we are finally in the throes of Spring, I want to take you back to one of the most magical Christmas Eve dinners I’ve ever had. It was at a place called Petersham where the lights were twinkling, the food was amazing, and we were miles away from the bustling streets of central London. We are at the fabulous Petersham Nurseries Restaurant, which is nestled in a lovely greenhouse, among a garden shop and florist, and a quaint little teahouse. And to top it all off? Celebrated chef Skye Gyngell (who has since ventured off to start her own restaurant called Spring), came … Continue reading >>

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Yastik Cushions by Rifat Ozbek

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Go on, have a lie down. And if you decide to, why not do so on some beautiful, brightly embroidered pillows? After thirty years in the fashion world, Turkish designer Rifat Ozbek found himself more interested in the things that made up a home, rather than what was on the latest runway. That’s why is 2005 he decided to start his own textile line with partner Erdal Karaman, called YASTIK, which literally means ‘pillow’ in Turkish. But these pillows are not just your run-of-the-mill throws. In fact, the line represents a deep and rich history, while also bringing contemporary flare to the story. Each … Continue reading >>

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Interior Dialogue with Eva Eklof, Les Few / Stockholm

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Based in New York City, the Swedish born Eva Eklof started her line of beautiful objets called Les Few as an ode to Swedish Design, with an edge of New York sensibility. Her latest collection called Armance is made of brass, wood, and leather pieces which are finely crafted in Sweden. I love the way these textures come together, utilizing Swedish brass, which is hand shaped by expert metal smiths, then creating perfectly fit leather pieces to add a touch of soft, lived in feel. The idea for the leather accents came from the old Leica camera cases, which Eva always … Continue reading >>

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