It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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This is my favourite time of year. It always seems to approach faster than I expect, and it’s over before I know it. Maybe that is why I love this time of year because there is an energy about that you don’t feel at other times of the year. I also happen to love gift-giving. Not trying to sound overly cliché, but the smile on people’s faces when you hand them something that is beautifully wrapped and thoughtful means so much to me. It is not about it being expensive necessarily, although you all know by now that I think it’s worth … Continue reading >>

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Restoring the Chateau de Gudanes.

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There is something brewing in the South of France, just about an hour outside of Toulouse. In a small town called Château-Verdun, an 18th century estate has been lying in wait, that is until 2013 when Australian couple Karina and Craig Waters bought the property with plans to restore it to its former glory. Now, we are all watching carefully as Chateau de Gudanes slowly comes to life again. Carefully, and a bit obsessively on my part, as I follow their every move on their beautiful Instagram feed! Their magnificent house originally belonged to Marquis Louis Gaspard de Sales, who … Continue reading >>

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La Galerie a la Louis Vuitton

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When we were first married, and then for quite a few years in a row, my husband and I would travel to Paris for our Thanksgiving holiday. I have no idea why we started this as we have no family there, but it seemed like the perfect place to repeatedly visit that we both equally loved. It also seemed like a good way to take advantage of long holiday weekend and scratch our travel itch. We would save the family visits for Christmas travel and make this about our own traditions. Our Thanksgiving meal was always in some fabulous bistro we would discover … Continue reading >>

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The Quiet Beauty of the Black House.

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A long time obsession of mine has been black paint. So when I happened upon this black house in Iceland, I was immediately drawn to it. It’s stunning, isn’t it?  This beautiful house was designed by Rut Karadottir and inspired by the 18th century coastal houses of the region. Located on the western coast just outside of the town of Borgarnes, and just an hour from Reykjavik, this house is the perfect getaway for those design-minded vactioners looking for something a little different. I’ve always loved a rich, dark palette for a home, so when I came across this beautiful, simple black … Continue reading >>

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Peter Pincus: New Ceramic Luxury

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I kinda did a triple take when I first saw these vases. Peter Pincus is pushing traditional ceramics to their limits with his vessels and objects that border on functional craft and fine art. But I feel these objects certainly are luxurious in how they are so finely crafted. Each piece utilizes as many different processes as possible to push the forms outside of what is possible on the wheel alone. At first glance, his work didn’t even look like they could be ceramic. But they are. Peter often starts on the wheel, creating more classical pottery shapes, but then he’ll cut it up, put … Continue reading >>

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Falling for Reem Acra.

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Most people know her for her elegant bridal collection, but I became obsessed with Reem Acra for her markedly unique and amazing embroidery. Practically every piece she makes is covered in the most intricate beading and needle work, bringing together ancient craft with sleek contemporary silhouettes. To me, she’s the perfect mix of insane over-the-top detail, and timelessly chic elegance. And I’m not the only one to gush about Reem. In fact, she was first noticed back in her university days in Beirut when a fashion editor admired the dress she was wearing. As it turned out, Reem had made … Continue reading >>

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