Willow and Stone Ironmongers

Willow and Stone Ironmongers

Maybe it’s my years living in London, or maybe it’s my love of heavy metal music, but I simply can’t resist a beautifully ornate brass door knocker, a finely cast doorbell, or restored ironworks. Ok, I am just kidding. I am not into heavy metal music. Bet you guessed that. But there is a very chic style you can see throughout London of renovated townhouses painted a rich, deep grey, outfitted with wonderful antique inspired (or reclaimed) ironmongery, and I just love it! Which is why I was so happy to come across Willow and Stone – a wonderful little storefront and online shop for ironmongery. Established in 2005 as a way to provide quality goods and fine crafting at competitive pricing, founder Sarah Willshaw wanted to bring ironmongery to ordinary people looking to do extraordinary projects. When I lived in London, we were fortunate to have a townhouse that had all the old hardware still in tact, but we sure did see the day arising when we were going to have to replace or repair the hardware. If I still lived there, I now would have known who to call!

Some of the stunning selections from the Willow and Stone Ironmongery collection.

Based in Cornwall, and coming from a restoration background, Sarah was well versed in the history and craft of ironmongery and fine architectural details. Having worked for many years in London with the London Architectural Salvage & Supply Company, she wanted to escape the big city, while still pursuing what she loved, which is when the idea to start selling period ironmongery in Cornwall came about.

How much do you want to press their Brass Press Bell button?

With the help of her husband, Sarah launched the website selling a finely curated selection of door furniture, architectural ironmongery, restoration hardware, antique door knobs and cabinet knobs and fittings, door knockers and letterplates. The business grew quickly and shortly after the launch they were able to open their first shop, where they expanded their offerings to other handmade and locally crafted goods, like stationary and ceramics, and other homewares. Now they offer a full range of ironmongery both reclaimed and replica, as well as a large selection of other furnishings and fittings, almost entirely from locally sourced craftsmen and artisans.

I love these shop interiors!
Finally, grub screws and door knob fittings explained via Willow and Stone!

The ironmongery is sourced from the UK, where they are still using the same age-old sand casting techniques, as with the woodworkers who are also local craftsmen. I just love that Sarah is so committed to bringing the rich history of the region back to the people living there today! And as well as a quaint little shop and lovely online shopping experience, Willow and Stone also provides interesting tidbits on upkeep of the products, as well as ways to make them more your own. Just what every DIY interiors-expert needs. Well done, Sarah!