What is Interior Monologue all about?

What is Interior Monologue all about?

I thought I might take an opportunity to explain why I started this blog in case you haven’t read the ‘About’ link on this site. Apologies if I am forcing this upon you!

In truth, I started this blog almost entirely for selfish reasons. I needed a place to call home to all of the things I find inspiration in, the places and objects that influence my work, designs, and the way I want to live my life. A recent move to Europe put the creative side of my brain into a tailspin. Completely inspired by the craftsman I was meeting by wandering into shops on the side streets here, I wanted a place to ultimately share my findings and to pay homage to these amazing artisans. Maybe I am not so selfish after all? (No, I think I am.)

I also wanted a place to share my passionate love of craftsmanship and travel, tabletop and artisanry, tilework and textiles. I find myself transfixed by the amount of time and the skill it can take to make a fine piece of craft. Handmade is the best made. I have long wondered why my generation did not see the value that our ancestors did in a rare piece of porcelain or a finely-stitched, handmade leather attaché. I grew up with MTV and Ikea, fast-paced and plastic. We threw things away. We bought things to last a year or two, maybe five. We were always looking for the next best thing. Well, maybe the next best thing was actually that old thing all along.

I truly hope you enjoy my interior monologue as much as I do in discovering the content for it.

~ Tanya