Like Stationery?

Like Stationery?

Amsterdam is, without a doubt, one of my favorite cities. There are the obvious reasons such as the endless canals and the unique architecture. This we all know. To me, the best part is not so obvious, but at the same time it is right there in front of you. Once you are there, it’s free for any of us to do.

I am convinced the best part of any Amsterdam visit must be wandering around at dusk when all the lights go on in the streets, apartments, and storefronts. That is when the city has this warm glow you cannot find anywhere else and I could wander endlessly at that point.

It is a city for wandering around, isn’t it?  The voyeur in me loves looking into these glowing homes with their uncovered windows and seeing into their beautiful homes. I have never seen so many interiors in one place that I wanted to live in. The Dutch seem so comfortable with people walking by on the street being able to look straight into their apartments or houses.

On my most recent trip to Amsterdam, I had a number of special encounters I want to share with you and I will do so, eventually. Each these encounters happened during one of my numerous walks. First up, a fantastic store I found called Like Stationery. There really isn’t anything not to like here, especially if you like stationery, and I sure do!

The store’s charming interior. All photos by Interior Monologue.
Like Stationery’s lovely owner, Sanne Dirkzwager.

Sanne Dirkzwager, the owner of this store, was inside when I visited and told me all about her reasons for starting this business. A graphic designer by trade (kindred spirits!) she has always loved stationery and wanted to open a store that supported that love. She is an advocate for well designed, handmade stationery and the like. When you are inside the store, you can’t tell if you are in Amsterdam, Paris, or Tokyo. It had that kind of sensibility

Some of Like Stationery’s own product. Gorgeous designs and printing!
Some of the hand produced goods to be found. All photos by Interior Monologue.

Sanne features her own limited edition designs that she hand produces, as well as some well curated goods by other designers. One of my favorite finds that day were the magical tissue paper balls that were hanging in the window. Sanne said she cannot keep them in stock! They are hand-dipped in various soft colors which gives them a magical, tie-dyed kind of effect. You can see them hanging in the windows in my photos, but they are even more beautiful in reality. I would have bought everyone she had for my son’s next birthday party or even just to hang in his room year round.

I just fell in love with the interior of Sanne’s store, her charming demeanor, and the soft, subtle yet beautiful paper that she filled her store with. Next time you find yourself in Amsterdam, please do pay Like Stationery a visit and tell Sanne that Interior Monologue sent you. You won’t be disappointed!

I could have bought the whole store. I just need to remember to write more cards, don’t I?
The magical storefront with the tissue paper balls hanging just inside. So pretty.