I have to go to Villa Roccaverano.

I have to go to Villa Roccaverano.

If I can figure out how to pronounce it that is. Or if I can figure out how to get there because today, I really feel like I need a vacation on my calendar. This looks like the perfect place to escape! Architect, designer, fashion maven, businesswoman, is there anything Mette Rodtnes of Rodtnes Studio can’t do? I came across the Danish designer by discovering her jaw-droppingly gorgeous house in Piedmont, Italy, where in 2013 she completed a restoration of the fabulous Villa Roccaverano. Nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps, amongst rolling wine vineyards and picturesque vistas, Rodtnes added her sleek Scandinavian style to the Old-world Italian beauty, and the result is as breathtaking as the stunning sky-high views.

Hello, loveliness!
The view from the pool is dreamy.

With a background in architecture and interiors, Mette took great care with every detail of the villa, incorporating her own design elements, like the stunning infinity pool that looks over the valley, but also making sure that the overall property would maintain the historical feel of the region. Many of the old farmhouses and villas – or cascine – were built 200-300 years ago using the regional Piemontese Langhe stones, which create the beautiful stonework that can still be seen today. This kind of stonework did however go out of style in the 50s and 60s, and as a result the craft became less widely practiced as well. Wanting to keep with the style of the original building, Mette was able to find one of the few local craftsmen left who is still practicing the traditional stonework to complete the restoration of the house, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Look at this stonework! And this kitchen!
More of the interior. Love the dining table and chairs.
Looks like the espresso machine is up to my standards. Yum!
The rolling hills covered in vines in the Piedmonte have me wondering why I haven’t been there yet.
How about floating in the pool looking at this view? Yes, please! Booking my stay now.

Other lovely touches include the succulent garden on the patio, which sprang from a few plants given to Mette upon completion of the restoration by Roberto, who lives with his wife in a nearby farm house, and grew up in the hills of Roccaverano. Not only is the garden a lovely compliment to the stunning patio, but it ties the new owners to the history and the people of the land. How cool is that? My kind of garden.

Mette Rodtnes is not only the proprietor of a beautiful Italian villa though, she also has a wonderful line of leather goods, called RODTNES. Like many of the great contemporary craftspeople and makers I highlight on my website, the first Rodtnes bag—the Loretta— came into fruition because Mette simply could not find the kind of stylish but functional bag she was looking for. So, being an accomplished architect and designer with a love of fashion, she decided to make one herself. Since the creation of the first model in 2012,  Mette has gone on to develop the line into smart, chic essentials for the modern woman, that hold up for both work and play. The Mini Clutch is definitely on my spring shopping list, along with my (hopeful) vacation to Villa Roccaverano!