Tanya’s Edit: Shop The Tracy Anderson Magazine Gift Guide

I couldn’t have been more honored to be asked by Tracy Anderson to contribute my holiday gift guide picks for her national magazine. Little did I know that it would become a 4 page spread all about Interior Monologue and our newly launched e-commerce shop, as well as a holiday gift guide! So here is the “list” I sent over to Tracy and her team. If you haven’t had a chance to do so already, I suggest you head on over to tracyanderson.com and download the entire digital magazine here. It is brilliant! That is why it is now on bookstands nationwide in places like Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble. But before you do that, I hope you’ll explore the incredible list of makers below, all of whose products are available for purchase right here at Interior Monologue. Enjoy!

Alex Monroe Necklace

Jewelry has always felt like one of the most personal forms of expression to me. This piece is feminine, delicate and quirky, but above all consistently wearable. Some pieces ride the waves of trend while others stand the test of time, resting around your neck or on a finger across the years. What makes a piece of jewelry become a part of your every day? Just ask Tracy, as she hasn’t been able to take this necklace off once. Keep your eyes peeled for Alex Monroe on your next streamed workout.”

Bernard Maisner

I’ve been a fan of Bernard Maisner for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t have been more thrilled when he agreed to do an exclusive collection of his hand-engraved stationery for Interior Monologue, composed of a unique assortment of my two favorite birds – peacocks and hummingbirds. Each card is expertly engraved in luxurious gold and then hand-painted with exquisite detail. Just like nature, no two are ever alike. They arrive packaged in a collectible fabric covered box that can sit proudly on your desk while you revive the art of letter writing.

Gestalten The New Traditional

I am an avid collector of coffee table books, and this one sits proudly front and center at the moment. The title says it all, doesn’t it? Beautifully photographed, it is a visual tour of craftspeople from every corner of the world. From the art of falconry in Quebec to the reviving of an ancient Apache ceremony in New Mexico, nothing can be better for lovers of travel and the story of craft right now. I’ve been getting lost in these pages as most travel can only happen in our minds right now. As it turns out, adventure still awaits.

Glaze U Candle

Now more than ever, it feels so important to make our spaces feel like a safe haven. That means being intentional about the sensory experience of our home. I’m crazy about glaze’s U-Candle, aka the perfect gift for the most inspiring host in your life (even if that means you.) Handmade by a couple in Brooklyn, this is a true statement piece for any tabletop. Plus it’s double trouble. Feel the burn.

Hawkins NY

It’s so rare to find everyday tabletop at a great price that is still handcrafted. I was so happy when I found Hawkins NY for this very reason! Made in Portugal and then individually hand painted, each piece has its own variations in form yet are completely stackable and dishwasher safe. This is a classic collection you can truly build upon. I style my table with Hawkins, Mondays and holidays alike.


As a former fashion designer who grew up in her mother’s dress atelier and an avid world traveler, Johanna Howard’s work uniquely combines the elegance of her Swedish upbringing with techniques of global craftsmanship. The result is an eclectic yet modern style, celebrating artisan skills such as old backstrap loom techniques. Johanna creates pieces for our homes that will last for generations.

Lake and Skye body oil

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt magnetized to the time 11:11. Perhaps we see what we want to see, but even so, the endowment of these numbers in my life has come to highlight extraordinary moments that I might have otherwise missed. Lake and Skye’s 11:11 fragrance is a simple yet bold unisex blend inspired by the teachings of Kundalini yoga and the color white. Totally free of all parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, and rich with fatty acids and anti-inflammatory Vitamin E, this body oil smells as good as it looks.

Laurel and Ash maple syrup

Laurel & Ash Farm is a 50 acre-working family farm and forest nestled within a mountainside in the Hudson Valley. They believe in sustainable farming practices, low-impact maple harvesting techniques and holistic forest management. Laurel & Ash harvests every drop of maple sap using sustainable practices, remaining deeply mindful of their role as responsible stewards of the land. Talk about walking the walk. And the best part? The syrup is truly divine!

Les Few trays

Based in New York City, the Swedish born Eva Eklof started her line of beautiful objects called Les Few as an ode to Swedish Design, with an edge of New York sensibility. I love the way these textures come together, utilizing Swedish brass, which is hand shaped by expert metal smiths, then creating hand-sewn leather pieces to add a soft, lived in feel. This chic tray set is the perfect finishing touch in any room.

Stone and Sawyer lamp

Julian Peploe and David Ryan are sculpture-oriented makers, choosing to focus on an intricate range of glazes, resulting in each lamp being truly one of a kind with distinct, organic variation. This particular lamp is made from Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. These lamps are truly timeless, offering a grounded elegance to light any home.