Top Ten: AD Design Show & DIFFA (Part One)

Top Ten: AD Design Show & DIFFA (Part One)
Alicia Adams Alpaca Throws via her lookbook

Last week, designers from all over the world were gathered to take part in 2018’s Architectural Digest Design Show and DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids). Lucky for me, I was invited to attend the press preview for these two amazing shows and it was such fun. 

At first glance, the AD Design Show is a bit overwhelming with larger-than-life booths from many well-know brands up front and center. But since I am here for the artisans, and I know a bit better now I make my way to becomes my favorite part of the show, the Made section. This area consists of juried gallery areas of artists and designers. The artists ranged from local to international, from a studio to a husband and wife team. It really made my day to connect with craftspeople who all took great care in creating unique pieces. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming design profiles on these brands because you all know I will certainly be delivering that! I could barely pry myself away from a few of these amazing finds. 

Here we go. In no particular order, here is part one of our top ten! 

Alicia Adams Alpaca Throws Interior Monologue

Buttery soft sweaters, blankets and more made in Millbrook, NY. I can’t begin to tell  you how badly I wanted to swaddle myself in one of these creations. Simply divine.

Nottene Interior Monologue

Screen printed hand drawn wallpaper with an interesting concept behind designs. For example, one wallpaper design brings together famous buildings from all different cities. Made in Philadelphia by illustrator Kimberly Ellen Hall and Justin Hardison, Nottene is one to watch. So watch this space to learn even more.

Interior Monologue_Coil &Drift
  1. A design studio by a former dancer, Coil & Drift makes smooth wooden furniture and lamps that ooze cool. All created in Brooklyn, NY which you all know really made it that much better!

 A New-York based photographer whose dreamy, summer-in-Europe vacation prints that just seemed to take away my winter blues. Given how oversized they are, it would have been totally perfect if I could have stepped straight into the photos.

5. DBO

This husband and wife team from Connecticut create handmade dining pieces, lamps, vases and tabletop items that just knocked my socks off.