The Best of the Best: Father’s Day Gift Edition

The Best of the Best: Father’s Day Gift Edition

Father’s Day is a wonderful chance to take a moment and tell the dads, husbands, brothers, or friends in our lives that we appreciate what they do. But dads are no longer the bearer of bad jokes and ill-fitting jeans, which is why you should ditch the usual last minute gifts such as the ties, coffee mugs, power tools for something he’ll truly love and cherish. This is why I’ve put together a short list of must-have grabs for Dad: the best of the best. And to the men in my life who will be celebrating Father’s Day, you’re welcome.


This luxurious bamboo-handled razor and shaving brush rests on a stylish chrome plated stand for easy storage and access. This set makes that daily task of shaving enjoyable with the right tools, plus they will look fabulous in your bathroom. And if the looks of this set alone aren’t enough to convince you, read our full write-up about this amazing brand here.


I just love these Dad + Kid sock sets! Could this get any cuter? So many fun colors and patterns to choose from, and your favorite dad + kid will look so adorable this Father’s Day rocking these pairs. Plus, these socks may be cute, but they can sure stand up to all-day-play! With high performance technology paired with never-boring designs, dads and kids alike won’t want to take these off.


As many of my readers know, Shinola is one of my favorite brands because they are so determined to find the absolute best way to make the classics. At what is a more classic Father’s Day gift than a good watch? But this watch takes functionality and style to new levels, making it the perfect dad gift. Being the first dress watch in the Shinola line, the Bedrock takes all of the “obsessive engineering” of the quartz movement, and puts it inside a sleek, utterly stylish dress casing, bringing quality, design, and function into one perfect package.


If you didn’t guess from their name, Best Made Co really is the best made. With a wide array of tools for the modern man to use from the kitchen to the camp site. What I love about the Chef’s Knife Roll is that not only is each knife engineered perfectly for its task (paring, slicing, chopping or boning), but the roll itself is well designed to live in the kitchen, or be taken on the road, which means that dad will have his tools wherever he needs them. Plus, they just look cool.


Finally, the big one: a wild retreat in Tofino, British Columbia, where you can experience a number of exciting excursions and activities. This truly is “luxury gone wild,” with beautiful tented and cabin accommodations, and curated adventures where the whole family can camp, hike, and explore this beautiful landscape cloaked in wilderness. This beautiful Wilderness Resort is a wonderful way to get away and spend quality time together, all in the perfect mix of luxury and untouched nature. I am personally hoping to be gifted this for the next Mother’s Day so if a certain person is reading this…hint, hint. That is, unless they receive it themselves!