That's so coal, Bahk Seon Ghi.

That's so coal, Bahk Seon Ghi.

I would love to go see this exhibit at the Zadok Gallery in Miami by Korean artist Bahk Seon Ghi who creates sculptures from palm-sized pieces of charcoal suspended from nylon filaments. I came across a picture of his work and was just struck by how beautiful it is and  must take an incredible amount of patience and skill to create. Every piece seems to be perfectly in place.

Bahk’s favorite material is charcoal, as you might have guessed, and is deeply rooted in the traditions of his home country where it is used in daily purification rituals. Wonder if one will feel purified if they walk through this installation? It seems like they might.

Bahk has been quoted as saying “that the idea that man and nature can exist separately is pure fiction. His work points out that humankind is not only derived from nature, but cannot exist without it.” His work clearly illustrates that point and I love the reference to classical architectural elements as well as forces of nature like a cyclone that one cannot control.




The use of such a surprisingly simple material in such an unexpected way and his installations feel like they are moving or alive. In some ways they almost appear to be disintegrating or building themselves on their own. I can only imagine when you enter one of the exhibition rooms, the interplay of light and space must be amazing. Hope that if you are in the Miami area, try to check it out and let me know what you think!