Coral & Tusk does it stitch by stitch

Coral & Tusk does it stitch by stitch

I would like to share with you some of the loveliest embroidered home accessories that are made in Brooklyn, NYC. The company is called Coral & Tusk and they caught my eye because of their unique use of embroidery on all their products. Illustrative designs that are both whimsical and imaginative. I was particularly excited to learn how they create their distinct look and appreciated that they proudly highlight their process on their site here.  It is my truest passion to share these kinds of finds with you!

All photography by Kate Lacey for Coral & Tusk.
Incredible, whimsical designs. How much do you love their embroidered fabric covered chair?
Beautiful items for anyone’s tabletop.

It is increasingly difficult to find companies who will take the time to embroider by hand these days as keeping up with volume and demand makes this time consuming and expensive. That is why this company is so unique, as they are a combination of both hand and machine finishing that retains much of a handmade feeling. You are hard pressed to think a machine was involved at all.

This is the result of Coral & Tusk’s unique design and production process. First, they draw each design by hand as a pencil drawing, then redraw them stitch by stitch. They are machine embroidered in India, and then finished by hand in Brooklyn, NY. It’s all worth the extra effort it entails when you see the finished pieces.

Their design and production process is what makes them so unique.
A fantastic wall of framed Coral & Tusk art.
I will take all of them. Yes, please.
All photography by Kate Lacey for Coral & Tusk at

Coral & Tusk have so many wonderful offerings to decorate the home. I think I am most enchanted by the animal character dolls. They sure would suit in a children’s bedroom. Such keepsakes! Really, everything is fabulous from their dolls, to their napkins, their (genius) embroidered stationary, wall art, and pillows. It’s suitable for everyone — big or small. It’s just so, so lovely.