Stem and Bloom

Who doesn’t love waking up to a beautifully arranged bouquet sitting freshly in your home office? I certainly do! Since I started Interior Monologue, I’m obsessed with my office flower arrangements. It inspires me. I place it on my desk and have these huge pin up boards along the wall that allow me to think, dream, plan, and design.

Stem & Bloom is making this fantasy even more possible with their new subscription flower service, available throughout New York City. Each bouquet is designed by Lana Keller (half of the duo behind the company) and uses locally sourced stems that are combined in thoughtful and fresh arrangements, and delivered weekly right to your door.

Keller, who has a background in fashion design, launched Stem & Bloom with husband and partner Adam Laiacano, after realizing there was a hole in the market for the type of flowers she wanted in her home. It was important for couple to keep a balance of quality and affordability so that they could bring the joy of freshly arranged flowers to everyone, without sacrificing the design or quality of the bouquets.

My first bouquet arrived this week, and it is lovely. Cheery and wild, with fall colors and undertones. They make sure to send you a handy chart, identifying the flowers in each bouquet, so that you can be fully prepared to tell your visitors what type of flowers you have in that gorgeous arrangement of yours…because they are sure to ask!