I am not usually one to consider myself a fan of DIY. Furthermore, in terms of acronyms, I like FYI, but DIY is really not one of my favorites. That said, to use another acronym to tell this story only seems suitable. OMG. Yes, OMG seems to be the only appropriate response to the news that Gucci now offers DIY customization on a selection of their most iconic pieces! Since last summer, Gucci has created a DIY customization in their Milan flagship where you can go to choose from a number of patches, monogramming or bedazzling for their Dionysus Bag, the Ace sneaker, as well as a selection of sweaters, shirts, bombers and leather jackets.

The DIY station for jackets in the Milan Flagship.

The idea behind DIY was to have people let loose a little, and tap into their own creative energy to produce something fun, wild, or just a little sassy. Creative director Alessandro Michele wanted to put the creativity back into the hands of the customers, saying “I like the idea of being a bit punk in an unexpected place, like the lining of a simple jacket.”

Examples on the silk bomber, and a classic denim jacket that I am coveting.

But don’t let the ‘DIY’ moniker fool you, these pieces are as haute as they get, but I just love how it infuses a little fun and play into high fashion. I love to see ornate embroidery mixed with metal studs, or a classy blazer with a flashy patterned lining and bedazzled patch. There is just so much room for experimentation and I sure would go crazy if given the chance.

A DIY blazer and sweater combo.
I just love all of these patches they have made available!
A leather DIY jacket, complete with embroidered patch, studs and monogram!

As of now, the DIY shop is only available in the Milan flagship store, where they have set up fabulous displays with all the available embellishments, along with some ideas to get the creative juices flowing! But fear not – it will be making the rounds to international markets. This winter we saw a quick NYC pop up appearance at Bergdorfs, so keep a look out for where it’ll land next! I promise I will keep you posted. So, yeah, TBC.