Slow Wood, Italian-style.

Slow Wood, Italian-style.
Slow Wood_Interior Monologue

It’s not very often that you get to see your reach expanding in real time! When Milan-based design and production collective Slow Wood contacted me about their newest installation “Wood Rules #2: Rit-mi-ca,” I was absolutely blown away, first by the fact that they sought out Interior Monologue, and secondly by the amazing things that they are orchestrating in the field of design and woodworking. Very exciting, isn’t it? 




So what is Slow Wood? The name really says it all, slowing down to indulge in finely crafted wooden objects. In an attempt to combat the overwhelming prevalence of mass-market manufacturing, the founders of Slow Wood are instead creating a large scale network for small-scale production, so that designers can bring their ideas to fruition with the help of the most highly trained Italian craftsmen.

I just love the sleek modern designs that still manage to show off all the beautifully natural aspects of the wood. It’s plain to see that these pieces were made right, with the finest woods and by the most knowledgeable hands, which was the real inspiration for starting this endeavor. Founder Gianni Cantarutti has a passion for all things wood, as well as impeccable design. And with help of co-founder Marco Parolini, among others, the Slow Wood community is constantly growing.





Now, in the heart of Milan just steps from Sforzesco Castle, you can find Slow Wood’s showroom, which serves as a sort of hub for this growing network. Here, exhibitions and events are held to showcase their beautiful collaborations, and to promote their many designers and craftspeople.

It brings me so much happiness to connect with makers like this from around the world, as that was my original inspiration for starting Interior Monologue in the first place. The Slow Wood showroom is now definitely on my go-to list for my next trip to Milan! Italy, I hope to see you very, very soon.