Smokestack in San Francisco.

Smokestack in San Francisco.

I’m feeling a West Coast trip coming on. Next stop, San Francisco? This new restaurant makes the list for must-do locales when I go. It’s called Smokestack and it is located in an area also worth exploring called Dogpatch. The space is a fantastic merger between between food and interior that reflects the nature of the food they cook, and the environmental surrounds of the restaurant. I am a big fan of BBQ — the delicacy of building the right smokehouse and the time it takes to do a good ‘que. That warmth and attention to the craft of BBQing is seemingly mirrored in the interior of this place through it’s exposed pipework, amazing old wood and marble finishes. Best of all, the tables and benches were crafted from a black acacia tree which was near the restaurant and was going to be cut down.

Talk about bringing the outside, in.



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