BDDW's beautiful ceramics

BDDW's beautiful ceramics

BDDW has become more than just a furniture designer over the last 13 years; it has become a small-batch, American-made empire. What started as a one-man operation in Brooklyn, has become a full-fledged manufacturer in the Frankfort neighborhood of Philadelphia, which has made way for my newest obsession: BDDW Ceramics.

Breaking ground for renovations on the building in 2013, founder Tyler Hayes happened upon a gold mine of well…clay! After a 20-ft deep pit of clay was unearthed during excavation, Hayes, having an interest in ceramics already, began to pull tubs of it up from the pit to use for the company’s first line of ceramics: hand-crafted dishwares made not just on, but from American soil.

The limited run made from the Frankford Clay Pit includes mugs, dishes, crocks, and vases, all individually hand crafted, and hand painted with stunning china-like designs. I absolutely love this image of the stag and dogs on the Crock (first image on this post), along with the amazing clay details all cut and applied by hand!

Yes, please. I will like to own all of these.
If the vase isn’t enough, how chic are these flowers?
The perfect cheese board, perhaps?
The color and details are divine in this one.

Every single piece is different, showcasing an array of styles and imagery, while using the same white and blue glazing to keep continuity throughout the collection. But because every one is special, it makes it nearly impossible to choose. Well, actually it isn’t that impossible because every time BBDW releases a batch, they sell out quite fast.

Check out the whole collection at the BBDW Ceramics Store here or in person at their Crosby Street showroom in NYC, which is a gorgeous space in its own right.