O&D Leather’s lasting style

O&D Leather’s lasting style
O&G Leather_Interior Monologue
All photos from O&D. Sadly, this is not my drawing room.

Another dynamic duo! The Danish design duo Overgaard and Dyrman is devoted to making beautiful contemporary objects, with lasting style by bringing together traditional craftsmanship and modern refined details. Their collection is stylish and focused. Absolutely in love with the fact that they have four products on offer, all of which are equally stunning, and consists of a dining chair, lounge chair, coffee table, lounge sofa, and a bar stool. Five. That’s all it takes to make a collection worth talking about in international circles. In my humble opinion, it works because they have such a clear focus on their style and craft. This is my definition of the perfect marriage between old and new. Allow me tell you why.

Working with leather and steel, O&D has developed the designs that compliment each material’s qualities and functionality. Unlike many craftsmen today working in traditional hand-made methods, they are not afraid to shy away from new technology to push their work forward.

For the design process, they use 3-D modeling technology and algorithmic computer programs to calculate the curvature and structure of the pieces, but then when it comes to putting them together, they weld and piece together the leather and steel by hand, making a seamless process of new and traditional technologies.

Master metalwork by hand.
The leather seats for the chairs are hand stitched to perfection.
It is quite a process and such beautiful results.
These stunning chairs show off the final results.
Stamp of approval. Even that is beautiful, isn’t it?
Looks good and I feel like it looks comfortable as well. I’m going to need a test drive.

I just love the clean lines of the metal structures combined with the saddle-like construction of the leather seats. Having met in industrial design school, the pair is definitely in tune with the ergonomics of design, but that doesn’t stop them from playing around with leather details that recall traditional saddle techniques. Designed with computers, made by hand. That is the perfect marriage of new and old, isn’t it? Now what would be more perfect are their dining chairs nestled comfortably around my dining table…