Mizar and Alcor’s Handwoven Textiles

Transform your morning bathroom routine into a true ritual by incorporating these linen towels and robesMizar & Alcor was founded in the Turkish Riviera — and the texture of these hand-woven fibers might just transport you there. . The minimal lines of the handwoven textiles artfully master contemporary influence with the earthy texture of the Mediterranean.

Mizar & Alcor was founded in 2016 as a way to merge the union of Eastern and Western worlds. Founded on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, they embrace artisanal tradition combined with contemporary designs and aim to combine elegance and functionality. They are inspired by Mediterranean and African cultures and want to weave tradition back into modern life.

THE CHICEST BEACH COMPANIONAll Images Courtesy of Mizar and Alcor

They work hand in hand with local artisans who are committed to craftsmanship and its production. Everything is ethically produced intentionally to support the local economies — a welcome change to this world of mass production. Their textile partners are engaged in weaving and silk farming to restore and improve the potential of the Anatolia region.


They utilize different generations of family members to maintain their heritage and complete the process of locally sourced cotton and linen. Boiling, rolling, hand-weaving, and tying tassels — each of these processes are distributed to family members. This transfuses valuable traditions into future generations and praises the beauty of unique handwoven textiles.

This passion is best told in Ali’s own words:

”I followed the school only until 7th grade, as work and education didn’t go well together those days. Instead, I used to help my father and my elder brothers at the weaving. Playing with the wheel of the loom was my favourite play as a child. My father made me love this craft that I have been passionate about and I have devoted myself to it since I weaved my first piece of textile at the age of 14.” – Ali


So next time you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, shopping for your next vacation, or just looking to update your linen closet, reach for something that looks and feels good. Behind each chic towel or striped robe, there’s a generation of hands working to create sustainable textiles just for you.