Mi Golondrina’s Fanciful Embroideries

Mi Golondrina’s Fanciful Embroideries

Having just been in Mexico City, I am increasingly obsessed with all things embroidered! It’s something you see everywhere – from the street markets, to high end shops, but one of my favorite iterations of this fabulous, colorful, hand-stitched embroidery is from Texas based brand, Mi Golondrina.

Founder Christina Lynch learned about her Mexican heritage from her mother, and was always drawn to the bright colors and beautiful craft of embroidery. Having grown up in Texas, she was close to her mother’s roots in Torreon, Mexico, and was always immersed in the craft and beauty of the region. After moving to New York, she began working in fashion for Oscar de la Renta. It wasn’t until she left home and became immersed in high fashion that she got the idea to bring the beauty of craft she’d grown up with to the elevated fashion scene.

Left: Christina Lynch, founder; Right; the Dallas showroom.

In 2014 Lynch launched her label, creating a line that utilized the traditional process, yet updated the styles and color schemes for the contemporary woman. And she is passionate about preserving the craft that has been so important to Mexico for over 200 years. The process is very organic, she chooses colors and materials with her design team, then the materials are distributed to about 200 women in and around the Oaxaca, Mexico area, who complete various stages of the craft, like the hand stitching, the crochet, and the pleating. They are then sent to Dallas for finishing touches.

Photographs of the hands-on process:

In the few years since Mi Golondrina has launched, it has expanded to include a full line of clothing for women and girls, as well as some select pieces for the home. I just love the intricacy of these hand-stitched pieces – there is so much history and tradition, as well as a connection to the craft. And although I’m not usually one for lots of color, I could see myself in one of the monochromatic pieces this summer!

One of the signature pieces on view at the Mi Golondrina launch.

They make adorable children’s clothes as well.