Mateus Ceramics

Mateus Ceramics

I just love the simple elegance of Mateus ceramics, a collection that combines the rich tradition of Portuguese craft, with the twist of a contemporary Swedish aesthetic. Founded in 1993 by Teresa Lundahl, the ceramics are all handmade in Portugal, meaning no two pieces are the same.

The Mateus workshop in Portugal

The idea for this line came from Teresa’s own multi-cultural background. Having grown up in Portugal, then going into business and fashion, which brought her to many different locations, Teresa ended up settling down with her husband in Sweden. It was here that Teresa realized she could combine not only her knowledge and experience of business and fashion, but also the design from her current home of Sweden with the longstanding tradition of craft from her native Portugal.

I love the way the way each different collection is styled!
Loving the white, bright dishware on top that brilliant red tablecloth, aren’t you?

And thus Mateus was born, and Teresa began seeking out skilled craftsmen from Portugal to bring her vision of sleek, elegant, and fun designs to life. The variety of designs means that all of the tableware can be used as everyday dinnerware, or as a way to “dress up” your table, just as you would dress up for a dinner party. In this way she incorporates style and a sense of fashion to these utilitarian collections.

Teresa in the workshop with the wonderful craftspeople that bring these designs to life.
Beautiful details of the workshop where it is all really made by hand.

After two decades of building her successful brand, Teresa was joined by her daughter Fillipa, who has added her own distinct touch to the Mateus collection, making it a truly family affair. Fillipa has incorporated the new Urban Garden line, which includes beautiful pots and planters to serve as both home decor, as well as utilitarian garden pots.

There is truly something for every corner of the home in the Mateus line! And I love the idea of dressing up your home, just as you’d dress up for a night out. There is always room for a little fun on the table, and when it’s combined with solid, handcrafted production, that’s even better.