The Many Faces of the Sketch Cafe

The Many Faces of the Sketch Cafe

The Sketch Cafe in London has long been one of my absolute favorite spots, especially for their unique take on important British tradition of afternoon tea. But with five different dining spaces, all decorated by star designers, and lead by amazing chefs, each becomes a unique dining or drinking experience. It is utterly dreamy! Let’s take a look around, shall we?

The fantastical afternoon tea offerings on David Shrigly designed china.

One of my favorite spots in Sketch would have to be The Gallery, which is an artist collaboration with the cheeky David Shirley and designer India Mahdvi. This is the place to go for high tea, as the fluffy pink interiors are subtly contrasted with the cheeky David Shrigly ceramics, adding a little humor. Basically: this is not your grandma’s high tea! The space also features gallery style walls filled with Shrigly’s work, making it a very unique experience all around. So much so, that the design and experiential decor have won multiple awards. Plus, it’s undeniably one of the best places for a photo op! It makes my heart sing.

Gallery view of Shigly’s work, along with the fabulous Mahdvi interiors. (OMG that floor! LOVE.)

There is also the Lecture Room, designed by Gahban O’Keeffe, to be the more elevate and mature dining experience, complete with Michalin starred menu by chef Pierre Gagnaire. And The Parlour, which offers a more relaxed intimate setting for all-day bites. And if you’re looking for a late night drink, The East Bar by Mourad Mazouz & acclaimed designer Noe Douchafour Lawence is the ultra chic, ultra hip London experience.

I just love the cinched walls of the Lecture Room.

The Glades is also a fun and fantastical escape designed by Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieu as their chic take on enchanted forest. It has the most amazing Decoupage, hand-painted wallpaper that was pulled from 20th Century stationary. This backdrop is just amazing, not to mention the fanciful cane furniture and forest-like chandelier! I feel like I could spend hours in here. In fact, I have.

That. Wallpaper. Makes. Me. So. Happy.

This truly is a unique London experience. I don’t know many places anywhere else in the world that have this many dazzling gems all under one roof! I could probably spend a whole day here, from coffee in the Glades, to lunch in the Parlor, afternoon tea in the Gallery, a fabulous dinner in the Lecture room, topped off with a night cap at the East Bar. Anyone care to join?