Maddux Creative: London Luxury

Scott Maddux and Jo leGleud are the masterminds behind the London based Maddux Creative. An undeniably special partnership, their interior design work has garnered international attention, and rightfully so. Looking at their large catalog of work, each design project can only be described as uniquely breathtaking. In addition to sharing their design philosophy and upcoming projects, Scott and Jo sat down with Interior Monologue to divulge their insider tips for dining, shopping, and the arts in London.

All Photos Courtesy of Maddux Creative

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is the genesis story of Maddux Creative? What brought you both to London?

MADDUX CREATIVE: With a love of music and dancing we were destined to meet, and we did clubbing and under a disco ball in the 1990s and in 2011 co-founded our international design practice Maddux Creative on the founding principal and philosophy to innovate and push boundaries, working carefully and collaboratively, we lead clients on a journey to create new and serendipitous narratives often inspired by shared passions for art, fashion, travel, craft and architecture.

What are some of your favorite spots for dining in London? 

MADDUX CREATIVE: Our studio is based in Peckham in south London, where there is a rich variety of world cuisine. Some of our favourites are: South African restaurant Kudu, a small and intimate space which is great for dinner. We love the Kudu bread with their cultured butter with cured bacon and seafood butter with almonds. Whenever we’re there we always make sure we have a Smokey Kudu and SE15 Martini. We also love Levan, which serves contemporary European dishes, and Eastern Bloc is our go-to lunch spot – Scott rarely misses an opportunity to have one of their celeriac shawarmas! When the sun is setting, there is no better place to end the week with the team then at the roof top bar above our studio, Forza Wine.

Photo Courtesy of Kudu Collective

Do you have any recommendations for great boutiques in your neighborhoods? Or a designer/artisan that you are particularly excited about right now?

MADDUX CREATIVE: We are often drawn to Little Sister, a vintage boutique based in Market Peckham. Her style is very poetic, everything tells a story. We love to look at her pieces on Instagram and when in store, often end up buying what she’s wearing.

Scott: ‘Jo and I are so aligned in what we’re motivated by that once, Jo bought a jumper from Little Sister, returned it without me knowing, and by the end of the day it was on my back.’

We’ve supported Hannah Barry since she started in the Bussey Building. Hannah supports new and emerging artists, and the gallery was founded with the aim of continuing the renowned Peckham Squat, of 78 Lyndhurst Way. It represents a group of young artists stemming from that time and has grown to include an array of artists with varying practices.

Alongside this, Hannah Barry is instrumental to the running of Bold Tendencies, the non-profit organisation whose annual exhibition has taken place on Peckham’s multi-storey carpark since 2007. We really admire the work of Maverick Projects, who take on forgotten spaces and breathe new life back into them. Each location is unique, often having a fascinating history and cultural significance.

Bosse & Baum, also based in the Bussey Building, are a contemporary gallery seeking an active role in shaping art discourse. They champion female artists – in fact, they are one of only a few galleries in the world which represents more female than male. They have a wide cultural programme through site specific exhibitions and support emerging artists. The gallery holds a close focus on performative arts with an ongoing events’ programme addressing both the local and international community. They represent Caterina Silva, Bea Bonatini, Luke Burton and Merike Estna.

Merike Estna, The House of the Tragic Poet, 2021, Instillation View at Bosse&Baum. Courtesy of the Artist and Bosse&Baum. Photo by Damian Griffiths.

What are your recommendations for experiencing unique London culture? Local secrets, beautiful hotels, historic finds?

MADDUX CREATIVE: Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery in Ealing, home of Neo-Classical architect Sir John Soane, showcases architectural features, a contemporary art gallery and beautiful gardens. Rana Begum’s recent exhibition sat beautifully within the setting, her vibrant and sensory pieces added colour, life and interacted beautifully within its elegant surroundings. We really liked how the works of art responded to the architecture. At the heart of the show was a large-scale suspended installation made from soft layers of mesh whose spectrum of pastel shades had a sensual, almost hypnotic effect on the viewer.

On a summer’s day, we like to pack a picnic and head up to North London to Hampstead Heath ponds for a unique experience of London, it’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of London life, you really can get lost in the 791 acres of meadows and woodland and stroll the paths that Keats and Coleridge did whilst listening to the call of the nightingale.  Once the picnic blanket has been put away a stroll around one of London’s hidden gems, Robert Adam’s Kenwood House to take in the extensive art collection which includes, Rembrandt’s self-portrait and Vermeer’s Lute Player.

At the weekend take a stroll through East London to Colombia Road flower market to get your blooms and pick up a coffee at Hermanos while you’re there. For a quiet reprieve, head to Chelsea Physic Garden, a quiet oasis a stone’s throw from the river, or to the Garden Museum on the south side.

Rana Begum: 'Dappled Light' is curated by Dr Cliff Lauson. Photography by Andy Stagg.

Let’s talk design! Where do you draw inspiration? Is there an ethos that guides your work?

MADDUX CREATIVE: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

London is a unique city in that the old and new rub shoulders, particularly in the City of London, where you stand at the new contemporary Bloomberg building and just nearby is a church by Hawksmoor or Vanbrugh replete with carvings by master carver and sculptor Grinling Gibbons. Similarly, the Guildhall is a place of opposites, and no trip to London is complete without a walk around the Barbican or a visit to Sir John Soane’s Museum by candlelight. The Serpentine Galleries have a great variety in what they exhibit and showcase; and the Serpentine Pavilion commission has become and international site for architectural experimentation and presented projects by some of the world’s greatest architects.  Past commissions include: Zaha Hadid, Theaster Gates, Sumayya Vally and Frida Escobedo. Serpentine Pavilion 2023: À table is designed by Lebanese-born, Paris based architect Lina Ghotmeh.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) run a wide range of interesting exhibitions and events, which look closely at architectural styles, movements, and ideas throughout history. 

What is your process when you first begin a new design project? Can you walk us through your creative process and collaboration style?

MADDUX CREATIVE: Principally to understand who our client is and how they will live in and use that space. We explore different ways of living in the house and give lots of different options for schemes – we don’t want to be prescriptive at the start of a project, there is no benefit to that. Our journey is to find the essence of the project, which enables each one to be different. #neverthesametwice

What aspect of Maddux Creative brings you the most joy?

MADDUX CREATIVE: Installing someone in their home and seeing them loving it – we know we’ve got it right when we get the spontaneous reaction of tears of joy from our clients. That is the response we want!

Do you have any upcoming or recently completed project(s) you are excited to talk about?

MADDUX CREATIVE: Currently we have a rich variety of residential project, we have modern and historic buildings which bring with them their own challenges. We are working on various one-of-a-kind projects across the East and West coasts of the States, Europe, London, and the rest of the UK with more in the pipeline, so watch this space! 

What is next for you two?

MADDUX CREATIVE: We have recently launched a collection of passementerie with Samuel & Sons called ‘Gloriette’, a celebration of the seasons and Neo-Classical architecture. We are working on several collections which will launch over the next few years which we are really excited about. We have been collaborating with wall coverings atelier Fromental for this year’s WOW!House, which launches on the 5th of June at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour.