Lindsay Adelman’s Fabulous Baubles

Lindsay Adelman’s Fabulous Baubles

I first came across Lindsey Adelman’s lighting designs in one of my absolute favorite restaurants – Spring in London, and have since seen her lights everywhere I turn back here in NYC. That is when I discovered she is a New York City based brand! Fantastic. Her bauble-like hanging chandeliers are fun, yet sleek and modern, plus she runs a totally NYC-made operation. So, her designs are amazing, as are the ethics behind them. That equates to perfection in my book!

Launching her eponymous collection back in 2006, Adelman debuted with the now iconic Branching Bauble, a lighting fixture that is made up of modular brass pieces, with beautifully hand-blown glass bulbs. Over the last ten years, she has grown her concept of creating elegant, modular lighting designs inspired by nature with an industrial flare, into a highly sought after lighting design studio.

My pic of my first “lighting sighting” in London (L) and a close up of one of Adelman’s Custom Burst chandeliers. (R)
Her hand-blown glass globes make my heart sing. All images from unless otherwise noted.

Not only does Adelman’s team hand assemble each custom-ordered piece, but she also sources any parts her team can’t make in-house from local craftsmen, like the wonderful Michiko Sakano Studio in Brooklyn, where all of the glass baubles are hand-blown. By making sure all of the pieces are custom-made to Adelman’s exact specifications, she can ensure the highest level of quality in both material and design.

A picture of Michiko Sakano, glassblower extraordinaire, in action.
I love the way glassblowing looks in action!
I love this image of what I guess are her materials and inspiration. Bryan Derballa for Bloomberg Business week.
Truly handmade. Photo by Bryan Derballa for Bloomberg Business week.
Love the colored electrical tubing. Photo by Bryan Derballa for Bloomberg Business week.
The milky glass with the brass metal is gorgeous, isn’t it?
My living room. Just kidding. One of her fabulous fixtures hangs in an equally fabulous apartment…that sadly is not mine…

Another way Adelman is changing the lighting game is by offering a DIY version of her classic hanging chandeliers, desks lamps and sconces, at a much more affordable price point. These lighting fixtures that are made up of standard electrical parts come with instructions to put the pieces together in her signature way, because after all, “experimenting with off-the-shelf parts is how Lindsey got started before designing and manufacturing the custom system for the Bubble Series.”

I wonder if you all will agree with me that the way her ethereal glass shapes are balanced with the sturdy brass armatures, it results in the perfect combination of whimsical and slightly serious. And whether you want a custom made-to-order center piece, or a less bank-breaking splurge, Lindsey Adelman designs has you covered with an excellent way to spruce up your space. I am definitely eyeing one of her pieces for my home. Perhaps the entry hallway in my new apartment come Fall. I plan to have a lot of fun with that space and this might be the perfect lighting fixture to do the job!