Kuehn Keramiks

Kuehn Keramiks

Gold details, cheeky illustrations, handmade shapes, what could be better? I came across the fabulous Berlin-based ceramic designer Kuehn Keramik at Maison et Objet, and was instantly drawn to the perfect mix of baroque, opulent glamour and quirky handmade imperfections of these mugs, plates, and beautiful objets.

One. Two. Three. Yes, please!

Bernhard Kuehn was always interested in working with his hands, and often says that if it wasn’t ceramics that he got into, he probably would have been a baker or a chef – anything that would let him mold and create with his own two hands. After apprenticing in Germany, and studying ceramic arts in Paris, Kuehn moved back to Berlin to start his own line of ceramics.

The fabulous interiors to the Kuehn Keramik store in Berlin.
The fabulous interiors to the Kuehn Keramik store in Berlin.

Together with his wife and partner Claudia, they opened the Kuehn Keramik shop in the artsy neighborhood of Kreuzberg in Berlin. The building originally housed a pharmacy, which dated back to 1890. Kuehn kept much of the original store intact, utilizing the great wall to wall shelving to display his fabulous goods. I just love how they’ve kept many of the quirky architectural details intact, while repurposing them for their chic little shop.

Everything they do is clever. Take this still life for instance…

In addition to the store, Kuehn also has his workshop in the basement, where he handcrafts and designs each and every piece they sell. It’s pretty fabulous how he combines old illustrations and gold-leaf looking details with such fluid shapes that defy the buttoned-up feeling of the baroque. You can see below also how each mug is unique, taking on slightly different shapes.

Shelves and shelves of fabulousness.

I could spend all day in this shop! Every design is different, and the illustrations are just endless! I love all of the sayings and drawings, each one a little more whimsical than the last, almost like they came right out of the other side of the Looking Glass! Kuehn Keramik also has collaboration in the works with Berlin-based tattoo collective Antikapratika, featuring a number of their designs on a series of mugs.