The stunning interiors of Rose Uniacke.

The stunning interiors of Rose Uniacke.

There is a certain London style that perfectly captures the rich, old-world tradition of antiques and fine details, along with a chic contemporary approach to open, airy interiors that I absolutely love! No one does this better than London based designer and collector Rose Uniacke. With a background in conservation and restoration, Rose has a keen eye for antiques and is able to incorporate them seamlessly into her chic modern interiors and shoppable collection. No need for dark stuffy Victorian rooms to show a beautiful old chair or vase, Uniacke has a knack for showcasing these centerpieces in light-filled, open rooms that compliment each other beautifully.

“Interiors matter: they change the way we think and feel” Rose states as a sort of mission on her website, which is a sentiment I couldn’t agree with more. The objects, furniture, textiles one chooses to fill a room with says so much about how one lives within that room, and both Rose’s collection and design-work displays this dedicated approach to interiors. Her fabulous shop includes furniture and lighting designed in house, along with a selection of curated antiques and pieces from other designers handpicked by Rose.

Her amazing Pimlico home. All photos from Rose Uniacke.
The Jo Malone headquarters she designed. Stunning staircase, isn’t it?
Another glorious interior for Jo Malone’s headquarters.
The staircase in her Pimlico home.
I just about melted when I saw this indoor swimming pool. Sigh.

Uniacke’s Showroom, along with her beautifully restored home – both on the endlessly gorgeous Pilmico Road – show off her adept restoration skills, and her livable, effortlessly cool style. There are not many designers out there that I can say this about but if I could, I would live in her Pilmico House in a heartbeat! Give it all up here, hop back across the pond and move in! It’s stunning in every way. Not only is the area of Pimlico one of my favorite spots in London, but she has a way of taking the most exquisite objets and making them seem totally livable.

Rose’s vision for a Mayfair apartment is dreamy. The color of that chair with the wood is perfect.
More evidence of her amazing talent.
I love the lighting and the use of wood with the simple cabinetry and then the splash of color with the curtain.
Look at the bathtub in her home!
This just says so much to me. The warmth, the colors, yet its airy and light.

I’ve never been one for the sleek New York minimalist look that seems to be popular today, but the overly baroque, Old-world antique vibe can feel a bit overwhelming in contrast, which is why I so admire Rose’s combination of the bright airy feel of pared down design along with the sumptuous fabrics, furniture and detailing that creates warmth and space at the same time. When I move into our new apartment in NYC and embark on it’s interiors, I will remember Rose’s influences and bring back some of her unique London Style to NYC!