Bennett Leifer: The Best of New York City

Bennett Leifer: The Best of New York City

It all began with a mutual love of de Gournay. Last year, I was strolling through the Kips Bay Show House, when I came across the most interesting room there. Well, not really even a room, per se, but a small installation set under the stairs, with the most fabulous gold de Gournay wallpaper. The designer: Bennett Leifer. I was absolutely blown away. I began talking with Bennett who was there at the show, and was even more impressed by his keen eye and professional, chic demeanor. I have to say, I was totally design-smitten! He may have been one of the youngest designers at the show that year, but I stand by my claim that he was by far one of the most impressive. Which is why I am so pleased that he was able to join us for this week’s Interior Dialogue, to share his top picks from NYC and beyond! If you are an interiors fanatic like I am, you are in for a real treat!

Bennett’s brilliant installation at the Kips Bay Show House in 2015, featuring the fabulous de Gournay wallpaper.



“I love a one-stop shop as I rarely have the time to travel to multiple stores. Favorite designers of mine are Saint Laurent and Lanvin, but I often find items I didn’t know I ‘needed’ at this well-curated store. It also serves me well for basics and last minute trip items like an unanticipated durable raincoat the day before I left on a trip to Iceland (true story).”

William Cheng:
“A few years back, while in Hong Kong, I discovered this custom tailor. I still order all of my shirts from them, as they can adjust your measurements from abroad and will send ample material samples for you to chose from.”

Bennett photographed in his home, wearing his bespoke William Cheng shirt, and Saint Laurent pants.



“I am a creature of habit and opt for time-tested restaurants where I have established relationships over the years. Plus as a vegetarian I am a very picky eater. TIP: Restaurant loyalty always allows for more reservation flexibility and better tables!”

“Design element favorites are the impossibly chic staff, palm wallpaper, and custom wall murals throughout.”

The iconic Martinique Wallpaper at Indochine. (Photo courtesy of Indochine).
The iconic Martinique Wallpaper at Indochine (photo courtesy of Indochine).

Standard Grill:
“Design element favorites are the comfortable round leather banquettes and ingenious use of actual pennies on the floor as ‘penny rounds.'”

The Roman and Williams designed interiors of the Standard Grill. Photo courtesy of Roman and Williams.
The Roman and Williams designed interiors of the Standard Grill (photo courtesy of Roman and Williams).



“The 1stdibs floor at the New York Design Center! The showroom is a great resource that is comprised of the best of 1stdibs’ best vendors offering all price points and styles. Two favorite items, which I’ve used in private residences (including my own home) are below.”

Phoenix Gallery Sconces:
“These unique and customizable light fixtures are versatile and sculptural. They are always on everyone’s ‘wow!’ list for the space, no matter the design style of the project. I have recently scaled them down for a modern powder room in Aspen as allusions to the rocky surroundings.”

Bennett pictured in his home, with Pheonix Gallery Sconces.

Bourgois Boheme Briance Chairs:
“These chairs are so chic, and very refined in their form and scale. I love using them as occasional chairs in any space, and recently worked with the designers to develop an original 8’ settee for an upcoming project with Sotheby’s!”

Bourgois Boheme Chairs visible in the Bennett Leifer designed 50UNP 20A model apartment.



Dmitriy and Co:
“This upholstery atelier is so easy to work with and has an incredible catalogue of original upholstery pieces. The most exciting aspect of working with them is their customization capabilities. They love to alter an existing design or formulate a completely new one based on your vision.”

The settee visible in a Private NYC residence designed by Bennett Leifer. All Photos courtesy of Bennett Leifer, shot by Marco Ricca, unless otherwise noted.