Les Few: Best of Stockholm

Les Few: Best of Stockholm

Based in New York City, the Swedish born Eva Eklof started her line of beautiful objets called Les Few as an ode to Swedish Design, with an edge of New York sensibility. Her latest collection called Armance is made of brass, wood, and leather pieces which are finely crafted in Sweden. I love the way these textures come together, utilizing Swedish brass, which is hand shaped by expert metal smiths, then creating perfectly fit leather pieces to add a touch of soft, lived in feel. The idea for the leather accents came from the old Leica camera cases, which Eva always had growing up. So where better to handcraft these pieces for the line then in a leather workshop that still uses many of the same techniques and machinery as the original production, ensuring these boxes are as finely tuned to fit their brass tops, as the classic camera cases were to their lenses.

Hand-worked Swedish Brass.
Pieces from the Les Few Armance collection, look at that stitching detail!
I love these classic brass beauties as well. So chic.

What drew me to Les Few is the way Eklof has thought about the craft of each piece within the actual design. She is committed to working with craftsmen to bring together their know-how of their trade, with her imagination and impeccable design sensibility. Which is why when we heard Eva would be making a trip back to her native Stockholm to check in on the production of her latest line, we just had to have her give us her picks for what to do, see, and eat in this amazing city which is filled with craft, history, and of course – design! Here we go.



Whenever I’m home in Stockholm I try to visit Nathalie Schuterman. It’s the best curated store in Stockholm. I also try to to stop by Byredo around the corner as their parfums are fantastic.

The chic interiors of Natalie Schuterman



A lot of new restaurants have opened in Stockholm and my friends always try to bring me to new places, but I’m not the best at keeping track of them all. I am also a bit partial to the old classics that have been tried and tested. Sturehof has great food as well as four fantastic small bars spread out on different levels.

Interior of Sturehof restaurant.

Another favorite is Gondolen. The restaurant is located 38 meters up in the air, undeniably, with Stockholm’s best views. The food is very good, as is the bar.

I love this concept and the design of the interior!

Next to Gondolen is Fotografiska, a museum focused on the art of photography, with a restaurant run by Paul Svensson. Paul is at the moment one of my favorite Swedish chefs with some very nice dishes. He focuses on greens and sees meat and fish as compliments to the vegetables. The restaurant also has a magnificent view.

The rich interiors of Paul Svensson’s restaurant. I just love the color palette.

Swedish people love their coffee and a guide to Stockholm would therefore not be complete without a few cafe suggestions. My favorite cafe is Saturnus, a small French cafe that has been in its location forever and never disappoint with it’s ambience.

The lively counter at Cade Saturnus. Those pastries look amazing.

The other cafe is called Rosendals Trädgård and is the perfect destination for a light lunch or to get the best carrot cake in town. They grow most of their vegetables that they use on their grounds and they have a fantastic apple orchard that one can sit in during the summer months.

Greenhouse interiors of Rosendals Tradgard.



The home is very important for Swedes and there are many interior design stores in the city. I love to visit Konsthantverkarna close to Mariatorget in Söder, an area in the southern part of Stockholm. Konsthantverkarna was founded in 1951 and is Sweden’s oldest craft association. The store sells the work of its members as well as organizes small exhibitions of interesting work from both Swedish and foreign artisans. However a visit to Stockholm would never be complete without visiting Svenskt Tenn. Founded by Estrid Ericson in 1924, the store is a treat for the heart and soul with its fantastic pieces of furniture and textiles.

The strange and lovely collections at Konsthantverkarna.



If I were to stay in a hotel in Stockholm it would be at Ett Hem. I have visited it several times for both lunch and dinner. It is a great small hotel with a very special atmosphere, great staff and fantastic interiors thanks to Ilse Crawford.

Classic Swedish design in this Ett Hem sitting room – this is definitely on my short list for my visit to Stockholm!

Thank you to Eva Eklof for sharing her inside picks of her home city with us! Can’t wait to visit Stockholm and try out all her picks.