Devin Kirk of Jayson Home: Best of Chicago

Devin Kirk of Jayson Home: Best of Chicago

Being a Chicago girl, I have a soft spot in my heart for all things design-oriented that are coming out of that great city right now. New York City may be my home, but Chicago will always be my hometown, which is why I just love the brilliant design and antique store Jayson Home. Located on North Clybourn Ave in a post-industrial area that has become quite the hub for all things design in Chicago, Jayson Home has become one of the top purveyors of finely crafted, antique, and hand made furnishings for the home. They have such a fabulous way of bringing together rich, classic design, with a chic updated sensibility, truly mastering that “edgy, yet elegant” style. And with an outpost in Sag Harbor (my home away from home,) the stars couldn’t have been more aligned for me to talk shop with these interiors experts! Sharing with us his top picks for Chicago, is VP of merchandising Devin Kirk, who is one half of the power duo behind the impeccable Jayson Home brand.

Left: a shot of the beautiful Jayson Home interiors; right: Devin Kirk, Jayson Home. (Photo courtesy of Jayson Home / Devin Kirk)



“Tucked away in an upstairs storefront on Oak Street, Independence has an impeccably curated collection of menswear you won’t find anywhere else. Specializing in American made goods, you just can’t go wrong in this place – every single thing is cool.”

Gotta love a hometown tote. (Photo courtesy of Independent)



“Chicago has so many great restaurants, whether you’re in the mood for a hot dog or a James Beard winner, but I find myself always coming back to RL. I have a soft spot for the super chic interior, delicious food and flawless service. Sit by the fire in the winter or out on the sidewalk in the summer. This is classic Chicago at its best.”

A modern day classic. Simply perfect. (Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren)

“You don’t have to be a member at Soho House to enjoy The Allis on its ground floor. This room gets some of the prettiest light in all of Chicago, the food is great and the vibe is laid back. This is also the perfect place to grab cocktails after putting your name in down the block at Au Cheval, hailed as the country’s best burger (with probably the longest wait time, at up to four hours!).”

Look at that light! (Photo courtesy of New Allis)
Au Cheval, best burgers in town! (Photo courtesy of Au Cheval)



“The Art Institute is Chicago’s most famous museum (thanks Ferris Bueller!) but the Museum of Contemporary Art is my hands-down fave. Their “Kerry James Marshall: Mastry” show earlier this year was absolutely sublime (catch it at The Met in NYC through January if you can). No matter what’s happening at the MCA, I’m always inspired by the way the art is presented. It’s also a very manageable size, so easy to squeeze in a little culture break if you’re downtown shopping for the day!”

Kerry James Marshal at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. (Photo courtesy of the MCA)



“OK, I am biased… but I don’t think I’d be alone in picking Jayson Home as my favorite decorating destination. Our 10,000 + square foot store mixes our collection of new furniture and accessories with vintage finds from all over the world. People who already love our website are astonished when they see everything all together in this cool old warehouse. I even find myself falling under the store’s spell when I return home after long trips! It’s a pretty special place.”

The amazing interiors of Jayson Home. (Photo courtesy of Jayson Home / Devin Kirk)