A Holiday Wish List

A Holiday Wish List

I cannot lie. I have expensive taste. Always have, which I guess means I always will. That does not mean that if something is expensive that I think it is good, or worth it. Not at all! But I do feel strongly that sometimes you have to pay more for quality, craftsmanship and true artisanry. In the long run that lasts more than if you didn’t. A true apparoach to purchasing things as a keepsake. I understand that this list of items that I wish would be wrapped up under my tree might not be in anyone’s real budget. But it’s just that – a wish list.

I thought it would be simple to find a few things to put on my wish list (and it was) but it really is endless the amount of things that I love. I had to start somewhere. Since Interior Monologue is all about things that could be on my wish list in order to make it onto this site, I guess its a moot point.

1. Eddie Borgo bracelet

This luxurious Eddie Borgo Cuff is hand assembled with 34 hand-cut Citrine crystals, 16 rose Quartz stones, 16 Pale Blush Glass Coisonné and countless Pavé crystals into a beautiful rose gold setting. If that’s not enough – just look at it! This exquisitely detailed cuff would look lovely on anyone’s wrist!

2. Max Poglia knives.

No two Max Poglia knives are the same, which makes them that much more desirable to have your very own! Poglia handcrafts re-claimed steel blades, and uses a variety of materials such as wood, bone, and solid brass for the beautifully molded handles. Knives come in varying sets, and are available to order on a first come, first serve basis—so act fast! Wait lists are your reality here.

3. Ochre artic pear chandelier.

I just love the simple elegance of the Ochre Arctic Pear Chandeliers, with their globe-like glass baubles creating a beautiful warm glow of light, which contrasts with the usual hard-cut sparkle of traditional crystal chandeliers. The soft glass drops are also pared with a solid bronze or nickel frame that makes the piece fit perfectly in almost any setting. I can picture it perfectly in “my setting” above the dining room table.

4. David Wiseman cake tray

This one takes the cake. Literally. David Wiseman & Co Unique Cake Tray in Bronze is pure magic! With its dripping bronze and glass cover, this cake tray looks like a luxurious dessert itself. I’m still drooling. Each piece in the David Wiseman collection is a labor-intensive hand crafted production and strives to capture “the fleeting beauty of natural forms.” This piece definitely captures the movement and free-form beauty of molten bronze. It’s delicious, isn’t it?

5. Cutipol cutlery.

Cutipol Cutlery’s Goa White Gold cutlery set is just stunning, with matte gold finish and white handles for a perfect mix of minimal modern design and lush gold elegance. I would set my table every night with this set if I had it. Cutipol is a family-owned company from Portugal, and all of their finely crafted sets are made in the village of Sao Martinho de Sande. Wouldn’t this just be the perfect touch to your holiday table?

5. Bellerby globes

Bellerby Globes is preserving the old craft of globe-making with their stunning collection of free-standing and desk globes. With an attention to detail that borders on maniacal, Peter Bellerby and his small team handcraft each globe to near perfection, incorporating a beautiful classically illustrated design with up-to-date contemporary cartography. So apart from being useful, these globes make jaw-dropping design pieces for any room, coming with a range of stands from the classic “Galileo” to the more modern “Albion.” I really would love one of these globes for my desk at Interior Monologue.

7. Bergdorf windows on 58th St.


There isn’t a description for this entry because it is not just one thing. If you find that you just can’t buy anything I have listed but want a bit more gratification than just looking at my selected pics, I suggest you take a wander down to Bergdorfs. Have a look at the windows. Specifically, the windows on the side of Bergdorfs on 58th Street facing the Plaza Hotel. Have a look, do some window shopping (ok, lusting) and guess what? It’s free. Well, if you live in NYC it is. Isn’t it all just so pretty? Embroidered handbags, shimmering jewels, custom-blended perfumes, a dreamy clutch. I could just stand and stare…

Whatever you wish for this holiday season, may you take a moment to just appreciate the fact that you can always dream.