Kai and Sunny Screen Out Loud

Kai and Sunny Screen Out Loud

Let’s talk a little more about screenprinting, letterpress, and the art of illustration. Quite a combination of disciplines and this duo from London named Kai and Sunny do it oh so well!

Kai and Sunny are most inspired by natural forms they reduce to geometric patterns and figures and then translate into large-scale installations, hand-pulled screen prints infused with copper and stardust, and unique letterpress prints.

All images from Kai and Sunny.

The intricacy of their fine art illustrations can best be appreciated in person but I do like the graphic appeal of their work even on a computer screen and was attracted to it for that reason.

Such fine details.



This “dynamic duo” is currently having their first solo exhibition on the West Coast in Los Angeles this month here. Their work is already appreciated by the V&A museum in London which has accepted pieces (their box sets which you can see and buy here) into the print collection.

While looking at their blog, I found this example of a silkscreened mural they did in London. Another ambitious endeavor. The craft of a hand-pulled screen prints isn’t easy and I can only imagine the effort it takes to screen print a wall. Each bird has been silkscreened over a 20ft x 26ft wall and displays their print called Migration West. Quite magical, isn’t it?

Silk screeners at work.

Their mural at St Katharine Docks in London.