Dining with Astier de Villatte.

Dining with Astier de Villatte.

As a prelude to a longer piece on my absolute favorite ceramic label, Astier de Villatte, I wanted to share a short film about them with you. After all this time knowing of the brand, I have never really known much about the duo behind the brand. There isn’t much info to be found when you Google them. When I happened upon this film, posted here on Vogue.com and also here on YouTube, I was thrilled.

Astier de Villatte was created by Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte and is manufactured in Paris in their workshop. The wonderful film was created by North Sea Air’s Amy Lipkin and Graeme Maclean who provide a much desired peak into the world of Astier de Villatte, their amazing factory in Paris, and provide some insight into their joy of creating their perfectly imperfect ceramics.

All photos by Sophie Delaporte for Astier de Villatte.

For many years now, I have collected their pieces and there is never a trip to Paris where a trip to their store isn’t on my itinerary. I have many, many pieces and can honestly say it is just about the only thing I collect. Yes, it is true. I have a real “collection” of Astier de Villatte!

The lovely photos that I used for this post were taken by Sophe Delaporte for Vogue Italia and are used by Astier de Villatte on their clever website. Her photographs are found here on her website and the whole series that she took of Astier de Villatte is worth looking through because they are truly special. I wonder how they found each other?

If you are looking to create your own collection of this incredible ceramic, you can find a great selection of it at John Derianwhose fabulous store is right here in NYC. You can save yourself that ticket to Paris!

If you ever find yourself invited to dinner at my house, you can be sure that dinner will be served on Astier de Villatte.

All photos by Sophie Delaporte for Astier de Villatte.
Yes, they make candles, too.