Canaan Living Culture

Canaan proudly works with over 2,000 artisan family farms across 52 different villages to provide local food products to global markets. Rooted in food traditions, artisanal practices, and sustainable farming, Canaan was founded on the principles of empowering traditional farming communities. The brand is devoted to protecting the agriculture community, while supporting and creating lasting relationships between these hard-working farmers. “Through our network of farmers and abundance of biodiversity in the region, we’re able to produce a variety of products tailored for any business looking to enrich their products with wholesome sustainable ingredients.”


Ecological sustainability is also at the heart of Canaan’s ethos. In order to advance their other pillars of sustainability like food security and cultural integrity, they must ensure the health of the soil and their natural environments. To do this, they focus on regenerative agriculture practices to bring reciprocity between people, plants, and animals.

Image Courtesy of Canaan

Food security, economic prosperity, and fair trade principles are at the heart of their transparent and long term partnerships. The Land of Canaan is home of the olives where orchards over 3,000 years old are a testimony to the cultural heritage Canaan aims to bring into this century. Agriculture is the most significant sector in Palestine and through the principles of building traditional farming communities, Canaan seeks to ensure its viability in the modern economy.

Image Courtesy of Canaan

Farmers work hard day in and day out to produce amazing food — Canaan acts as the link between to allow the world to savor it.