Tina Frey Designs

Environmental and social responsibility are at the heart of Tina Frey collections so each piece is hand cast and poured by her small team so each piece meets her high standards. Her ethos is founded on minimalism, simplicity, and above all functionality. Each  piece in her collections start as an idea before being created into a handmade mold from the unique design. The molds are then used to create the pieces by small batches so each carries a unique beauty, while still ensuring the integrity. They are hand sculpted by Tina in San Francisco, California. Her inspiration comes from the world around her — the fluid lines mimic the movement of the blue sea while each organic curve emulates the many contours of nature. 

Resign is a material based on functionality and Tina Frey has combined it with an effortless chic aesthetic. Whether you’re shopping to replace your current tableware collection or you’re just looking for new serveware, you guarantee it’s a piece that lasts.


Tina Frey Modern Large Salad Bowl
Tina Frey Cereal Bowls (Set of 4)
Tina Frey Modern Dinner Plate (Set of 4)
Tina Frey Modern Salad Plate (Set of 4)
Tina Frey Modern Short Cup (Set of 4)
Tina Frey Modern Bread Plate (Set of 4)

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