Coltellerie Berti

David Berti founded Coltellerie Berti in 1895 in Tuscany. Since its inception, the art of handcrafted knives has been passed down through each generation of the family. First at the hands of David, then his son Severino, then Severino’s son, Alvaro, and finally Alvaro’s son, Andrea.

The workshop is located in a small village north of Florence and roughly ten artisans work daily crafting knives, apprentices must complete three years of training before they are approved to craft knives for the brand. Within the workshop, artisans kneel on cushions or low stools, focusing intently on the knife they are crafting that day. These artisans melt, assemble, and sharpen, slowly crafting a work of art. A special quality about each Berti knife: each one is crafted by one artisan and once it is finished, the artisan marks their initials on the blade. 

Convivio Nuovo Steak Knife Set (Cornotech)
Cheese Knives (Set of 3) – Tortoise
9″ Insieme Carving Knife
Flexi Fish Filet Knife
3″ Curved Paring Knife
Tomato Knife
4.5″ Straight Paring Knife
9″ Insieme Bread Knife
Cheese Knives (Set of 3) – White Lucite

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