Distant lands, extraordinary objects, infamous personalities. We stir with curiosity and an uncontrollable desire to collect. CÔCO GIN was born out of this spirit, seeking to offer inquisitive hosts and their guests domesticated items with a story to tell. Bearing heavily on the juxtaposition of old and new worlds, their designs punctuate the home with a touch of the eccentric, the bizarre and forgotten, each teaching an object lesson in the fine art of possession.

Starting with our collection of handcrafted butler trays, hailing all the way from the cradle of lacquer in north Vietnam, CÔCO GIN’s pieces come numbered and certified authentic.

To commemorate, to collect and to gather, CÔCO GIN is on a relentless search for pleasure and the simple thrill it is to share.


Étoile Lacquer Tray
Casati Lacquer Tray
Brass Butler Tray

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