Busatti + Interior Monologue

This collection marks an exclusive collaboration between Busatti and Interior Monologue. Interior Monologue’s unique eye paired with Busatti’s world-class craftsmanship makes this collection completely one of a kind.

Busatti is built upon a long legacy of excellence in weaving. The family owned company dates back to 1842 and it has remained a family business for eight generations. The history of the Busatti family is fascinating. They trace their roots in Anghiari, Italy all the way back to 1755 when the family was drawn to the region for economic potential. Anghiari is a medieval town, located about an hour and a half drive from Florence, Italy. The family built a general store in Anghiari that was later occupied by the Napoleonic army in 1797. The army set up a woolen mill in the basement of the occupied Busatti store, but when the army left, the Busattis inherited the weaving machinery and this was the start of the long legacy of Busatti weavers. 

Busatti maintains Renaissance era production practices till this day and they use high quality natural fibers entirely made in Italy. 

Busatti + Interior Monologue: Zodiaco Napkins- TAUPE (set of 4)
Busatti + Interior Monologue: Zodiaco Napkins- GREY (set of 4)
Busatti + Interior Monologue: Donna Napkins- TAUPE (set of 4)
Busatti + Interior Monolgue: Donna Napkins- GREY (set of 4)
Busatti + Interior Monologue: 1842 Kitchen Towel

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