Alessandra is an illustrator, author, and true self-care advocate. Her dedication to helping people take time for themselves has blossomed into A.OK. When the world shut down, Alessandra was left feeling unmotivated and like most all of us, despondent. Above all else, she expresses the loneliness and isolation was crushing as an artist who finds inspiration in the world around her. Around this time, Alessandra began training as an end-of-life doula, something she had always wanted to do, but felt especially compelled during the isolation of covid. Still seeking a way to connect with people and soothe herself during these anxiety-ridden years, Alessandra began experimenting with essential oils to ground herself. This experimentation turned into a practice, using essential oils like lavender and jasmine as ways to soothe and motivate herself.

When Alessandra realized how effective her new self-care ritual had become, she decided it was time to make it accessible to more people. A.OK is Alessandra’s way of inviting you to practice “giving yourself a hug”. Her product line acts as tools for carving out moments to reconnect with your body and mind.

Body Oil 8oz
The Bird
The Essentials Botanical Jade Roller

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