3rd Ritual

The brand 3rd Ritual, shaped by tenets of Taoism, yoga, and design, aims to create mindful objects and botanical blends that help add a little more intention to your day to day. 3rd Ritual’s craft “strives to cultivate a more connected and mystical way of life through research, innovation and practice.” The BEL candle embodies innovation — a core tenet to 3rd Ritual’s brand. From botanical blends to reminders to stop doom-scrolling, their philosophy is uncomplicated — simple rituals can inspire sacred experiences.

The ethos of 3rd Ritual is dedicated to modern approaches and techniques to ancient philosophies. In fact, they have 3 simple beliefs they were founded on:

  1. Simple rituals inspire sacred experiences
  2. When you move half as fast, you notice twice as much.
  3. Mindfulness is a lifelong practice.
3rd Ritual BEL Candle
3rd Ritual BEL Candle Refills

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