Ariele Alasko’s tables are tops.

Ariele Alasko’s tables are tops.

I have fallen in love with a table. I have only ever seen it in pictures but that doesn’t matter. I am in love. For now, I am happy enough to swoon over the images of this table that I find online and continue to hope to actually own one someday. My dream table’s genius creator is Ariele Alasko and she is a furniture designer and woodworker who resides in Brooklyn.

The artist hard at work.

Ariel uses small strips of wood that come from the old walls of 100 year old buildings in Brooklyn. The materials she uses are fairly available due to the constant gutting of old brownstones and she collects them, cleans them, and uses the wood’s natural coloration and patina to create intricate patterns in her work.

Tables and headboards on display in the studio.

She never uses any stain and makes sure that the table top is level, smooth, and without any gaps, which is why each piece can take days if not weeks to complete. The process of cutting each piece of wood individually to attain the perfect fit is a long one, but I think it is why her pieces are so spectacular.

More studio shots and a bit more insight into her process.

Such sustainable, usable tables and each one is unique. It seems so nice in this day and age to buy a table and imagine years of dinners, family gatherings, and day-to-day life transpiring on top of wood that has lived for so many years beforehand. That is definitely unique.

Do you see this swirling studio backdrop? It’s eucalyptus leaves made into a sort of wallpaper!
Another gorgeous table design.

Ariele has a talent for designing all sorts of wood-based products such as headboards, serving spoons and cutting boards. She also designed and built the interior of a restaurant in California called Il Vecchio. On her blog, you can find more inspirational images such as an amazing chair she made for her apartment, as well as stalk these covetable items to see when they will be available for purchase online. At the moment, everything is sold out. Everything! That is how gorgeous her stuff is.

Ariele’s fabulous chair. Please note the swirling eucalyptus leave backdrop again. Genius!
The interior of Il Vecchio in Pacific Grove, CA that was painstakingly designed and built by Ariele. It took her six months.
More of Il Vecchio.
One of the serving spoons I can’t wait to get my hands on.
So pretty. All photos in this article are from Ariele Alasko.

More on Ariele if or when I manage to commission a piece out of her. In the meantime, enjoy the images I have collected here and perhaps you too will fall in love.