Facture Goods are really quite good.

Facture Goods are really quite good.

As I was roaming through the endless streams of Instagram, I stumbled across Facture Goods and was struck by the gorgeous photographs of gorgeous handpainted ceramic bowls with blue plaid pattern. Upon a little further investigation, it didn’t take long to fall completely in love with the beautiful, minimally designed, handcrafted home goods made by Aron Fischer.

Coming from a family of makers, and having a background in Fine Art, Aron brings a subtlety and beauty to his functional line of utensils and objects for the kitchen and home, along with timeless woodworking values. He also pulls inspiration from the likes of sculptor Martin Puryear, an American artist known for his devotion to traditional craft who works in wood and bronze. Along with impeccable design, Facture Goods is devoted to keeping these small handmade masterpieces functional and affordable. With the majority of the products ranging about $10-$60, Facture Goods is determined to keep quality high and prices reasonable so that Main Street can reach the masses.

I really am quite besotted with their colanders. They seem to be out of stock whenever I check online, so I apologize in advance if you fall in love with it like I did. You might have a hard time getting your hands on it!

Love their take on classic kitchen needs. All photos from Facture Goods.
Brass and wood in perfect harmony.
Love this egg holder! Very chic.
FactureGoods _4
Well, here are a lot of colanders!

Above all, these objects are really wonderful to look at and hold. Each piece, whether it be a spoon of pounded brass, a wooden comb, or a hand painted ceramic bowl, is designed to highlight the natural elements of the material to create durable, but elegant designs that will last. Aron spoke recently in and interview with Folk Magazine, about how important it is for handmade goods to balance out the homogenization of the mass-produced market, which I couldn’t agree with more! As I always say, hand made is the best made, and I can’t wait to see what this maker comes up with next.

Now I just need to get my hands on one of those colanders…