A Holiday Gift Guide

A Holiday Gift Guide
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And I am late, very late, getting ready for it. I have no idea where the time went between Halloween and today and I feel like everyone I know has the same feeling this year. How is it possible that Christmas is in a matter of days? That said, I am ready to focus and get my gift on! So I hope you will join me in at least appreciating some of the amazing products that are out there made by some seriously talented artisans, even if you (unlike me) already have your holiday shopping complete. Here are just a few quick gift ideas for all you last minute shoppers. If you haven’t finished it yet, then let’s go and give good gift!


I am starting a new regime this holiday season. Taking more baths, reading more books, trying to cook more, and lighting candles more often “just because” . I will start with these fabulous looking and equally fabulous smelling candles by Regime des Fleurs! They are  inspired by nature, history, and art and are made with the detailed extracts it draws from from Cacti and Willows to Caerulea. These gorgeous ones are handprinted, limited editions by Voutsa.


Let’s talk next about with something sweet! Married to a German means I have a great appreciation for this one. It is called Lebkuchen and this brand makes some of the best version of this traditional German Christmas cookie I have ever tasted. My husband agrees! Tastes like Oma made it. Only during the Winter season can you find this small NYC bakery that specializes in this German gingerbread cookie. Leckleree has been open since 2011 and focuses on making authentic and quality Lebkuchen, including a traditional recipe which contains high nut content, premium spices, candied citron, and a signature “oblaten wafer. Described as a mixture between a cookie and a cake, these delicious treats are packaged in unique decorative tins intended to be passed amongst friends and family. It’s like heirloom cookie giving! You and your sweet tooth will love me for this one.


This is kind of an odd one! But so cool. Woody’s shop combines the innovation of Apple devices with sleek natural material accessories made from high quality wood. The shop, in a region known for wood processing, is located deep in Ore Mountains in Germany. It focuses on high quality materials and design, while still being functional and sustainable. It makes these one of a kind keyboards that any design freak would geek out over. That would be me!


Who doesn’t love a bath? And bath time just got better for me once I discovered Susanne Kaufmann! Her bath products are other-worldly, all natural, and smell divine. Born in a valley in the Alps, Susanne Kaufmann was surrounded by generational secrets of holistic beauty. Her fascination began with the Alpine plant at a young age, and with that she has turned into her fascination into a modern use for health and beauty. Together along with a handful of pharmacists, she developed natural ingredient products that are truly epic and her skincare has now grown into more than 60 products. You will love it.


A trip to his mother’s homeland in India is what drove founder Ben Gorham to start Byredo in 2006. Although a brand self proclaimed as understated with simple composition, Ben was inspired by the rich spices and incenses of India. He began with no formal training, fresh out of Stockholm art school where he met Pierre Wulff who inspired him to begin creating fragrances instead of his original plan of painting. Although he had made name for himself regarding his personal style,  he explained his desires for Byredo and let world renown perfumers Olivia Giacobette and Jerome Epinette handle the compositions. The results are intoxicating! Can’t decide which scent is my favourite so I plan to collect as many as I can. Lucky for me, I can walk over to their Soho shop here in NYC anytime I need a fix.


And last but not least, the perfect way to say thank you for all the holiday gifts you received! I am obsessed with calligraphy and equally obsessed with these thank you cards by Bernard Maisner. He has spent more than 30 years building his reputation as an internationally renowned master calligrapher and stationer. With both custom calligraphy and stationery sets, Maisner has become synonymous with lavish and distinguished events. Maisner, known for his intricate flourishes, also considers himself a contemporary painter which can be seen influencing his work. The cards he creates are pretty enough to frame, aren’t they?