The Whimsically Painted Ceramics of A. Zarraluqui

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Whimsical indeed. I love, love, love these ceramics. I came across the Madrid-based painter via Instagram, and just had to find out more about these fabulous, hand-painted platters and dishes. I just really am in love the scenes and images she portrays on porcelain – wild flowers, bird of paradise, tiny butterflies, and lush foliage. With a background in fine art, it’s no wonder that there is such fine detail paid to the rendering of her subjects, and the wonderful color shown on the austere white ceramics she uses as her canvas. Andrea Zarraluqui’s take on todays ceramics is truly unique and I find so many of her designs so captivating. Here is a sampling for you.


Birds of a feather….


Love how she puts the plates on these lovely backgrounds. Brings it all to life.


All of these plates are hers. Lovely set.


I love this black and white design! Extra chic on the wood table.


I am such a fool for blue and white when done right! Yeah, that rhymes.


I think these are turkeys? If so, how funny would that be for Thanksgiving. Not that funny, I guess.


Love this one! The feathers look fabulous.


Perfect for one’s beach house?


And these cups and saucers? Amazing.

As of now, Andrea makes time to create these one-of-a-kind beauties in between having a full time career in marketing. Many of the designs are commissioned for wedding presents, or gifts, but I just love the selection she has up on her Instagram, I couldn’t possibly choose! As a true lover of tabletop, perhaps I have to find a good reason to commission her to do some new plates for my family? That is surely something that would last for many lifetimes to come.

(Have I mentioned that I love these ceramics enough in this post?)




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