Magical Mont St. Michel

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Since it’s a Thursday, and I am feeling a bit nostalgic with all the #tbt on Instagram today, I thought I might share a little trip down memory lane with you. I’m taking you to France to revisit a birthday that I spent there. And if the location for this birthday is a beautiful centuries-old church on the tippy-top of a mountain off the coast of Normandy, now that is truly magical! And Mont St. Michel is nothing short of magic. The seemingly floating island has been a pilgrimage site for devout Christians since the 8th century. And now it is an absolutely amazing getaway, filled with history, wonderful architecture, and the loveliest little hotels.

Cover photo: Standing atop Mont St. Michel, overlooking the Bay at low tide. This photo: Mont St Michel as we approached. Yes, it was winter.

Detail of the steeple atop the church.

Although there is not much left of the original 8th century building, which was a cave like structure built into the mountain top, one of the original walls can still be seen in the abbey. Through the 13th century the monastery became a celebrated site for monks to be truly secluded and closer to God. During this time many aspects of the abbey were built, which were considered prime examples of Gothic architecture. Then during the Hundred Years War in the 14th-15th centuries, the site became a fortress, and was one of few to stand strong against England, thus making it a symbol of national pride for France, as well as a religious pilgrimage site.

The stunning interiors of the Abbey (left) and details of the outer architecture (right).

The courtyard in the Abbey.

Just look at that view!

Low tide turns the bay into a seemingly endless mud flat.

Today the church has been restored in many places, making it a wonderful place to visit and learn about this fascinating history and design. I think I could write a whole other post on the hotel we stayed in, and I likely will have to. It was as fabulous as one would hope it would be. We stayed at the fabulous Ferme St. Simeon, which was just amazing, and filled with a whole history of its own.

The exterior of Hotel Ferme St. Simeon where we stayed. All photos by Interior Monologue.






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