ICFF Round Up

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It’s that time of year again! Where artisans, makers, and designers alike make the trek to Javits Center for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair aka ICFF. I always get a little initially overwhelmed by the sea of exhibitors on view at the fair, but if you really do your sifting, there is some truly amazing work in the crowd! As always, it’s so invigorating to see such fine work being presented from across the country and the world! I would like to take a moment to note that the lighting in the┬áJavits exhibition hall is horrible so these photos don’t do any of these brands or exhibits true justice. Nonetheless, I wanted to share my findings with you. Most of these fabulous finds will make there way back here to the pages of Interior Monologue for a more thorough feature. And that feature will have lovely photos, I promise. So stay tuned! In the meantime, here is a list of some highlights.



This Philadelphia-based furniture company has designed the most wonderful shelving system for the kitchen, bath, bedroom, and living room. I love the mechanical aspects that are also so elegantly put together. Plus, each system can be completely custom made in their Philly workshop. I love love the colors they use, deep grey, cream, and a pop of shinny brass here and there!


These photos do not do these magnificent carpets justice! They are made from 100% reclaimed silk, and they are so soft! The women behind the brand are the 4th generation to run this textile company, which creates their fabulous carpets on looms in India. This collection, called Odyssey, is based on NASA imagery of the stars, how beautiful is that?



This lovely handcrafted furniture is all made in Brooklyn, and it is the perfect mix of mid-century, and contemporary chic. I love the delicate glass bulbs mixed with wood and brass for the lighting fixtures, and this chair is really something else! I will definitely be keeping an eye on these new craftsmen.



I have been head over heels for O&G Studios since I met them two years ago, and their work never ceases to amaze. Their craft truly comes first, and you can see it in all the fine details of their chairs, tables, and their new lighting. If you havent checked out their new collection for Rejuvenation, please do that as well. Much more to come on these fabulous makers!



Another textile company, these rugs are hand woven with special Himalayan wool in Nepal, and hand dyed with more colors than I could count to create that wonderful gradient. These too are amazingly soft, and just so fabulous!



These fabulous table-top lamps have the most lovely stoneware ceramic bodies that are hand thrown in the Catskills, NY, with a variety of glazing and finishes. I love the mix of the sleek elegant ceramic base along with the more soft, linen shades. Not to mention that these customizable pieces are all completely hand crafted and assembled, paying homage to the history of 20th century craftsmanship.








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