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As is the case with most tools, the better they are, the less we need to think about them. Ernest Wright & Son Scissor makers understand this, which is why they strive to craft their handmade scissors to be so good. They just work!

Whether they are crafting a scissor for dressmaking, sewing, cooking, or even just household odds and ends, each piece of these stainless steel shears are handcrafted to ensure the highest of quality. There is no way to mass produce this finely tuned craft, in fact all of their “professional putter-togethers” or assemblers learn the trade through careful apprenticeships, in which generations of knowledge is passed down through on the job experience.

Kitchen scissors lined up under old news clippings and Ernest Wright headlines. (Photo: Wendy Ward)

Although the company was established in 1902 by Ernest Wright in Sheffield, England (the birthplace of stainless steel), scissor making had been the family trade as far back to the mid 1800s, when Walter Wright was known as the go-to putter-together for shears and scissors throughout the region, which was burgeoning with steel production. As Sheffield became famous during the height of the industrial revolution for stainless steel and production, so did the Wright family for turning that stainless steel into the best shears for miles around.

One of the expert Putter-togethers and his trusty hammer. (Photo: Wendy Ward)

All Wright scissors start off as a forged Sheffield steel blank, which is essentially a rough template that is then worked by hand to near perfection on grinding machines to make finesse both the blades and handles. The key to the Wright family process is that each blade is hand sharpened, with just the right amount of curvature in the blade to fit perfectly with its pair. The handles are also all handmade, finely worked to fit to the hand, and some even dipped in rubber for extra comfort. And all of this is to ensure that each cut you make with a pair of Wright & Son Scissors is perfectly precise – be it the hem of a dress, some household twine, or your baby’s delicate fingernails. They also happen to look good which only makes it all the better.

Hand grinding and sharpening in process! (Photo: Port Magazine)

Beautiful details on the Ernest Wright gift box (left), and Stork Scissor (right). (Photo: Ernest Wright & Son)

Today the company forges on with Nick Wright, great-grandson to Ernest, ensuring that all of the this rich history and craftsmanship is passed down for even more generations to come. Scissor making has now been in the Wright family for over five generations, which is why they make each pair to last a life time. As with any blade, they’ll need the occasional sharpening, but you can always send them back to the Wrights for care and up keep. And did I mention the beautiful and thoughtful packaging they come in? Silk-lined boxes with leather sheaths. They sure know how to dress up this utilitarian product. Snip, snip.






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