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A young company with an old soul, CEDES was founded in 2009, but don’t let that fool you. The craftspeople in this state of the art workshop have decades of experience with the fine, natural materials used in their products, like horn, bamboo, wood, and mother of pearl. Their designs are a wonderful mix of nature and craftsmanship unlike¬†any¬†others that I have seen.

Based in the historic Navigli district in Milan, CEDES facilities are in the burgeoning arts and crafts center that once served as the production facility of Richard Ginori. Here they have a showroom, leather studio, and workshop where they welcome clients to come observe the process. They take their craft very seriously, and are happy to share with anyone curious about production. Ummm, yeah, that would be ME!

Glass blowing in the CEDES workshop. Looks a bit fiery to say the least!

I would love to take a visit to this beautiful showroom/workshop. I will one day. Soon.

Each material they use requires a whole set of carefully honed skills, which is why they pride themselves on creating objects that are made to last, made to treasure, made to pass down. This is of course one of my favorite elements of these pieces, that they really are made to last a lifetime, which is so hard to find these days with mega-production and fast-industry.

Details of the CEDES workshop, horn.

This is one impressive knife block. Have you ever seen one this chic?

With a range of collections, tailored to everything from bathing, dining, traveling, to wine drinking, there is something for everyone. I absolutely love the elegant mother of pearl serving sets, and the fabulous horn-handled knives. They also make some very dashing shaving sets which might be a nice idea for anyone looking to get a jump on Father’s Day this year.

The CEDES showroom and workshop is definitely on my must see list for the next time I’m in Milan, I just love that they invite people in to watch the magic of their craftsmanship happening. If any of you readers get there before I do, please send me a full report!








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