Interior Dialogue with Eva Eklof, Les Few / Stockholm

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Based in New York City, the Swedish born Eva Eklof started her line of beautiful objets called Les Few as an ode to Swedish Design, with an edge of New York sensibility. Her latest collection called Armance is made of brass, wood, and leather pieces which are finely crafted in Sweden. I love the way these textures come together, utilizing Swedish brass, which is hand shaped by expert metal smiths, then creating perfectly fit leather pieces to add a touch of soft, lived in feel. The idea for the leather accents came from the old Leica camera cases, which Eva always … Continue reading >>

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Awestruck at the Alhambra.

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There is something so magical about visiting the Alhambra castle in Spain – it’s almost like taking a stroll back through history. It was a dream of mine to visit here and as luck would have it, I made it happen in 2015! That’s one item off my bucket list. This journey with my family was all I hoped it would be. In fact, the famed castle exceeded my expectations for many reasons but largely because of the blend of so many different, beautiful architectural details from across the centuries. This historic castle in the city of Grenada dates back to the 9th century BCE, getting it’s … Continue reading >>

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Stony Island Arts Bank

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Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic for my hometown, but I have another Chicago gem for you all this week. This one is a real stunner and I can’t wait for you to read all about it! In 2012, artist and community organizer, Thester Gates, bought a run-down, totally derelict community savings and loans bank from the city of Chicago for just $1.00, and proceeded to turn it into a community center. $1.00! You read that right. This visionary then turned it into a cultural designation, the likes of which we haven’t ever seen. Named the Stony Island Arts Bank (after it’s predecessor), … Continue reading >>

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The Greydon House: New Take on Old Style

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Roman & Williams have done it again! This time, my favorite design duo takes on Nantucket, which has gone from one of the oldest colonial settlements, to whaling capital, to one of the most sought after vacation destinations on the East Coast. But this tiny island off the coast of Massachusetts has also remained one of the most well preserved towns in terms of its architecture. This is why it came somewhat as a shock that a new 20 room guest house called Greydon House was opening in downtown historic Nantucket. In fact, the three-story addition that was built alongside the 1850’s … Continue reading >>

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Visiting The Albertine in NYC

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If you haven’t yet made a visit to the The Albertine Bookstore in NYC, you are in for a treat. This beautifully designed book shop opened in 2014 as an initiative on the part of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, and is devoted to the exchange of French and English ideas. Nestled in the first floor of the iconic Whitney Payne Mansion on 5th Avenue, this cozy little shop is like stepping out of the hustle and bustle of New York, and into a Parisian cafe, calling you to pick up a book and stay a while. Sticking … Continue reading >>

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Interior Dialogue with House of Brinson / Hudson, NY

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I began following House of Brinson some time ago because their Instagram feed was just too beautiful. It’s the type of feed that absolutely deserves the following it has because the pictures are so warm, so beautiful, so cozy. The talented husband and wife duo behind the amazing website and Instagram is Susan and William Brinson, both fabulous photographers who ditched city life for a beautiful old estate in the Hudson Valley. Upon discovering them, I felt like we must be kindred spirits because of our mutual love of dark painted walls and old, unique houses, and letterpressed business cards. Since starting their … Continue reading >>

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