Interior Dialogue with Gary Graham

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Entering Gary Graham’s atelier and showroom in Tribeca is like stepping into another world, one where textiles and artifacts from across so many eras collide to create the perfect space to experience his rich and layered line of clothing. Mixing fine art, craft, and high fashion, Gary Graham brings his fantastical women’s wear to life in his newly redesigned showroom, outfitted with curated pieces from antique connoisseur Kabinett & Kammer.   Graham worked with friend and Kabinett & Kammer founder Sean Scherer to revamp the space, which had originally been dark and brooding, much like the backstage of a set. Now the … Continue reading >>

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Mi Golondrina’s Fanciful Embroideries

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Having just been in Mexico City, I am increasingly obsessed with all things embroidered! It’s something you see everywhere – from the street markets, to high end shops, but one of my favorite iterations of this fabulous, colorful, hand-stitched embroidery is from Texas based brand, Mi Golondrina. Founder Christina Lynch learned about her Mexican heritage from her mother, and was always drawn to the bright colors and beautiful craft of embroidery. Having grown up in Texas, she was close to her mother’s roots in Torreon, Mexico, and was always immersed in the craft and beauty of the region. After moving … Continue reading >>

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Elie Saab Opens a Dreamy Store on Madison Ave

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I just have to take a moment to shout from the rooftops about the amazing work of Eli Saab, given that the Beirut-based designer has recently opened a two-story flagship right here in NYC on Madison Avenue. In the same vein of my love affair with Valentino, I’ve become obsessed with the incredibly fine detail and craft that Saab brings to life through his fantastical creations. Born in Beirut, Elie Saab began making clothing at the tender age of just nine years old, mostly for his sisters, continuing through his teens to make and sell his garments to young women in … Continue reading >>

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Loewe’s Commitment to Craft

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There just seems to be no shortage of reasons to fall in love with Spanish luxury design house Loewe, which for over 100 years, has been redefining luxe fashion and haute couture as handmade and finely crafted. What started as a family run collective craft shop in 1948 in Madrid, has grown into a full fledged fashion house, showing at fashion weeks around the world, and offering an impressive line of their staple leather goods, as well as men and womenswear. What I love about Loewe though, is that they never forget their history, striving to maintain the integrity of the craft … Continue reading >>

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I am not usually one to consider myself a fan of DIY. Furthermore, in terms of acronyms, I like FYI, but DIY is really not one of my favorites. That said, to use another acronym to tell this story only seems suitable. OMG. Yes, OMG seems to be the only appropriate response to the news that Gucci now offers DIY customization on a selection of their most iconic pieces! Since last summer, Gucci has created a DIY customization in their Milan flagship where you can go to choose from a number of patches, monogramming or bedazzling for their Dionysus Bag, … Continue reading >>

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Luz Camino’s one-of-a-kind jewels

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Earlier this week we took a journey to a ceramics studio in Portugal. Today, let’s take quick trip over to Spain. Why not? There we will find a one-of-a-kind jeweler that many others will not ever cross paths with. Have I piqued your interest yet? Part of the allure of Luz Camino’s remarkable handmade bejeweled pieces, is that you won’t find them in any old department store. In fact, despite being in the collections of the Museum of Art and Design and the Victoria & Albert, Camino is surprisingly modest about her work, making most of her sales by word of mouth. … Continue reading >>

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