Interior Dialogue with Christiane Lemieux / Soho

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Author, designer, and all over style maven Christiane Lemieux has certainly made her mark on the design world, which is why we just had to get her top picks for the her NYC neighborhood of Soho. Author of the beautiful edition “The Finer Things,” Christiane has honed in on that perfectly refined classic, yet stylish chic. I have been a fan of hers for a while now and was thrilled and honored when she agreed to share her “Interior Dialogue” with Interior Monologue! If you haven’t picked up a copy of her book, I suggest you run and get yourself a copy. It’s … Continue reading >>

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Yastik Cushions by Rifat Ozbek

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Go on, have a lie down. And if you decide to, why not do so on some beautiful, brightly embroidered pillows? After thirty years in the fashion world, Turkish designer Rifat Ozbek found himself more interested in the things that made up a home, rather than what was on the latest runway. That’s why is 2005 he decided to start his own textile line with partner Erdal Karaman, called YASTIK, which literally means ‘pillow’ in Turkish. But these pillows are not just your run-of-the-mill throws. In fact, the line represents a deep and rich history, while also bringing contemporary flare to the story. Each … Continue reading >>

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Willow and Stone Ironmongers

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Maybe it’s my years living in London, or maybe it’s my love of heavy metal music, but I simply can’t resist a beautifully ornate brass door knocker, a finely cast doorbell, or restored ironworks. Ok, I am just kidding. I am not into heavy metal music. Bet you guessed that. But there is a very chic style you can see throughout London of renovated townhouses painted a rich, deep grey, outfitted with wonderful antique inspired (or reclaimed) ironmongery, and I just love it! Which is why I was so happy to come across Willow and Stone – a wonderful little storefront and online shop … Continue reading >>

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At de Gournay with Bennett Leifer

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Bennett Leifer has the kind of personality that just makes you want to sit down on a couch and talk for hours. And if that couch just happens to be in the beautiful de Gournay showroom – even better! After mining Bennett’s top picks for our Interior Dialogue series, I realized that there was so much more to talk about with this visionary interior designer. Which is why we decided to go for round two, where we met up to talk shop, inspiration, process, and most importantly when it comes to designing interiors for people to feel at home in; what … Continue reading >>

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Mateus Ceramics

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I just love the simple elegance of Mateus ceramics, a collection that combines the rich tradition of Portuguese craft, with the twist of a contemporary Swedish aesthetic. Founded in 1993 by Teresa Lundahl, the ceramics are all handmade in Portugal, meaning no two pieces are the same. The idea for this line came from Teresa’s own multi-cultural background. Having grown up in Portugal, then going into business and fashion, which brought her to many different locations, Teresa ended up settling down with her husband in Sweden. It was here that Teresa realized she could combine not only her knowledge and experience … Continue reading >>

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The Floral Creations of Azuma Makoto

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Ok, get ready for something that will blow your mind. What you see here is a fascinating project by artist-florist-set designer Azuma Makoto, who fuses art and science to create his beautiful works. Ready? This is an arrangement of exotic flowers in space! That’s right, SPACE. In his series “Exbiotanica” Makoto partnered with JP Aerospace to send plants and floral designs into the stratosphere with a ballon launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Suspended in carbon fiber cases, these terrestrial beings get to experience what it’s like to step off of earth’s surface and into space. How. Cool. Is. That? This project just … Continue reading >>

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