Stone and Sawyer Lamps

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What if you could turn a sculpture into a functioning object? This is the question that founders and artists Julian Peploe and David Ryan asked when embarking on their line of table-top lamps called Stone and Sawyer. They wanted to bring this artistic sense to functional objects by hand-crafting each base from wood and clay. And the result is an absolutely beautiful line of table-top lamps that are all handcrafted in Upstate New York, and draw influence from 20th century design, as well as traditional American craft. I first saw these wonderful pieces at ICFF, and they definitely stood out for their … Continue reading >>

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5th26 Handcrafted Design

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When talking with Brandon Tang, founder and designer of 5th26, it’s easy to get swept up in the stories of his beautifully designed and crafted goods for the home. As an avid traveler, Brandon pulls from craft traditions from around the world to create his simple, but unique line of ceramics, oil lamps, throws, and trays. Each piece in the collection is designed with the craft in mind, like the fabulous Checker Throw, which Brandon was inspired to make after a trip to Turkey. He just loved the versatility of the traditional Turkish towels, which are used for bathing, and as blankets, scarves, … Continue reading >>

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Decors Barbares

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When I first came across Decors Barbares I was simply floored. Founder and designer Nathalie Farman-Farma has the most amazing eye for prints and patterns. The French-born, London-based designer has long been a collector of antique textiles, which is what inspired her to began printing her own interpretations of textiles from around the world as fabrics for accessories and home furnishings. Nathalie spent years as a self proclaimed “Madeleine Castaing blue, green and black disciple,” before marrying her husband, and becoming more immersed in the textiles from his Iranian heritage. She became drawn to the folkloric themes of the textiles from Persia, and loved the mix-and-match quality of all the patterns. As … Continue reading >>

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ICFF Round Up

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It’s that time of year again! Where artisans, makers, and designers alike make the trek to Javits Center for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair aka ICFF. I always get a little initially overwhelmed by the sea of exhibitors on view at the fair, but if you really do your sifting, there is some truly amazing work in the crowd! As always, it’s so invigorating to see such fine work being presented from across the country and the world! I would like to take a moment to note that the lighting in the Javits exhibition hall is horrible so these photos don’t … Continue reading >>

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Kips Bay Show House 2017 Round Up

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There are those moments in life when you feel like you are just so happy to be doing what your are doing. The happiness puts a little more spring in your step and you find yourself truly invigorated. That kind of moment happened for me last Thursday at the press preview day for the Kips Bay Show House, a wonderful annual event here in NYC where the proceeds benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. Each year, invited interior designers transform a chosen home in Manhattan into an exhibition of fine furnishings and art. This all began over 40 years ago when supporters of … Continue reading >>

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CEDES Milano

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A young company with an old soul, CEDES was founded in 2009, but don’t let that fool you. The craftspeople in this state of the art workshop have decades of experience with the fine, natural materials used in their products, like horn, bamboo, wood, and mother of pearl. Their designs are a wonderful mix of nature and craftsmanship unlike any others that I have seen. Based in the historic Navigli district in Milan, CEDES facilities are in the burgeoning arts and crafts center that once served as the production facility of Richard Ginori. Here they have a showroom, leather studio, and workshop … Continue reading >>

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